You need these three friends in your life this school year

Tbh, our friends are everything to us.

They help us be our best, cheer us up when we're feeling down and, of course, make us laugh at pretty much every moment.

So with the help of LEGO Friends (check out *all* the fun right here!), we're figuring out your so-you friendship vibe (take the quiz here!) and revealing the three types of friends you absolutely need to add to your squad this year. Spoiler alert: You might even already have these go-to girls in your gang...

1. The Leading Lady

Who she is: This natural leader sets the tone for her crew with kindness, confidence and positive energy. 
Why we heart her: You know she's forever going to support you being your healthiest and happiest (and you'll do the same for her, natch). 
How to meet her: You know your lab partner who exudes casual confidence? Invite her to your house for a study sesh—complete with snacks, of course. 

2. The Bubbly BFF

Who she is: Whether she's creating connections with brand-new buds or on an amaze adventure with her already-there crew, this must-have friend hearts hanging with her ever-growing girl gang.
Why we heart her: Her outgoing demeanor that makes *everything* feel more exciting. 
How to meet her: Break out of your lunchroom comfort zone and sit with a separate squad from your usual for a day. The one who puts in the effort to genuinely listen to your stories and make you feel included? That's your girl.

3. The Constant Companion

Who she is: You can count on her to help you through *all* your trials and triumphs, from the big busts to the smallest successes. 
Why we heart her: This bestie doesn't just give A+ advice, she lives it. You've never met anyone so kind who never fails to put others first, and that's v. inspiring.
How to meet her: The quiet classmate you may have overlooked just might be BFF material. Give her a compliment, ask to study together or simply say "Hi". 

Want more fabulous friendship inspo? Check out LEGO Friends right HERE, because it's time to get crafty & creative—and bond with your besties *all* fall long.

by GL | 9/12/2021