Choose your New Year's resolution to reveal your 2022 best friend

New year, new vibes, new Y-O-U. And what better way to ring in 2022 than by branching out and adding some brand new besties to your crew? 

We found your ultimate New Year's BFF based on your glow-up goal for the months ahead with the help of LEGO Friends (check out all the fun right HERE),

Take the quiz HERE...then read on to reveal *everything* about your fabulous friend. We have a feeling it's gonna be your Best. Year. Yet.

The Sweet Soulmate

Your New Year's resolution: Be your most amazing, authentic self.
Your next BFF: A gal who always puts you first, listens to even your longest stories and makes you laugh when you're down.
Why you'll heart her: A compassionate companion like her celebrates *exactly* who you are—and encourages others to keep it real, too.

The Bold Bestie

Your New Year's resolution: Break out of your comfort zone.
Your next BFF: With her endless enthusiasm and outgoing optimism, this girl constantly makes connections for your crew.
Why you'll heart her: Her caring compliments and vibrant personality will bring out your most confident and social self (we love to see it!).

The Chill Confidant

Your New Year's resolution: Keep it cool and laid-back.
Your next BFF: A gal who's totally trustworthy, honest and independent.
Why you'll heart her: Your amazing ideas + her easygoing energy = fun, yet low-key times ahead. Did someone say craft night?

Want more bestie-inspired fun?
Check out LEGO Friends right HERE to keep that fresh friendship energy going all the way
through winter. 💜


by GL | 11/1/2021