5 signs that you've found your BFFs for life


Whether you've been besties for 10 years or 10 months, some friendships are just for life. It's important to recognize the amaze things that your besties can bring (surprise Starbucks runs? a shoulder to cry on? supportive notes in your locker?), so let's look at some of the signs that your BFFs really *are* forever friends.

1. They hype you up...

Instead of feeling jealous of or upset by your accomplishments, they're the ones celebrating right next to you. The best part? They'll listen as you gush about how good you felt after acing your chemistry final or scoring the game-winning goal in soccer. 

2. ....and comfort you in tough times.

Sometimes life can leave you feeling drained, and true friends will be right there when you need them. They don't make you feel guilty about wanting to stay in instead of going out, and you can be honest with them about all of your feelings—even the tough ones. 

3. You basically have your own language.

It might be a minute-long handshake or secret code names for crushes, but you two have basically had your own language from day one. And, even when you don't spend a ton of time together, it's like nothing has changed when you're *finally* reunited.

4. You can read each other's minds.

When you're both picking up the same negative vibe from the classmate who just want to gossip, it's a sign that you and your bestie can pretty much communicate telepathically. Having an unspoken language with your squad is a green flag that you really just *get* each other, no matter the circumstances. 

5. You can forgive, forget and have fun.

Every friend group fights sometimes—but no matter what the argument is about, your group can find a compromise and reach forgiveness. True friends don't let small disagreements get between them. They're there for each other no matter what.

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by Serena Sherwood | 5/13/2022