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10 things we love about babysitting

Sure, the tantrums and sibling feuds and silly household rules get on our nerves. And yeah, negotiating for a raise or dealing with late parents aren’t our favorite things to do on a Friday night. And, OK, it kinda stinks that our standing date is with a three-year-old. But we love babysitting, really we do. Here’s why…

Pulling out little kid board games. Sure, we let them win. Most of the time.

Sharing our favorite stories. It’s never too early to love Amelia Bedelia.

Arts and crafts. DIY doily valentines have never been more amazing—we can actually handle our Elmer’s Glue!

Hitting the swings. Hey, let’s play push the babysitter!

The money. Not gonna lie, getting paid to play is pretty fantastic.

Taking in “the firsts.” First slide, first step, first hand print heart.

Playing with our food. Who makes the silliest sandwich shapes? This girl!

Seeing the world through younger eyes. Snow stinks when you have to shovel, but snow angels? Magic.

The transformation from “Mommy, don’t go!” to “Can’t Lizzie stay a little longer?”

Our charges. The kids might be a handful, but when you get a good one, they’re golden.

What’s your favorite thing about babysitting, babes? Tell us in the comments!


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016