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20 ways to boost your bank account

Summer is already here, which means days full of shopping, eating and going on fun adventures. Unfortunately, a majority of these super fun activities cost money and leave your bank account looking rather small. You don’t want to miss out on summer fun simply because your wallet only has change, so we have 20 ways to help you boost your bank account. From jobs to saving tips, this list is the perf guide to make your cash last all summer long.

1. Do chores around the house.

Sure, they’re not the most fun thing to do, but chores are a quick way to rake in extra cash. Bonus points if you vacuum the living room before your parents even ask!

2. Watch the kids.

Babysitting is a super easy—and super fun—way to make some money. If you’re not old enough or don’t feel comfy doing it alone, find a family to help while the parents are still there. The parents can do laundry or just relax knowing their kiddos are safe with you.

3. Use your skills.

Heart painting landscapes? Live for writing essays? Use your skills to your advantage! Sell your paintings to your family friend or tutor your neighbor who’s stumbling with their summer reading assignment. If you’re doing something you love, how can you resist?

4. Give yourself an allowance.

Every week, jot down each time you plan to spend money and how much. Keeping goals will make your money last longer.

5. Find the freebies.

Not all fun things cost money! Flip through newspapers and magazines for local festivals, block parties or concerts that are free. You and your buds can have a blast without spending a dime.

6. Recycle clothes.

Go through your closet and find the clothes that you don’t wear anymore and give them away. There are tons of places, like Plato’s Closet, that will buy your cute, gently used clothes. You can make room in your closet while putting some cash back in your wallet.

7. Go thrift store-chic.

Forget the pricey duds from the mall. Thrift stores are full of fab clothes with itty-bitty price tags. From vintage designer purses to on-trend high-waisted shorts, thrift stores have it all!

8. Enlist your buds.

Put your heads together and think of fun way to rake in the cash. Whether it’s starting dog walking business or working at the local snowcone stand, having your crew by your side will make money-making that much more awesome.

9. Think outside the box.

Don’t limit yourself to babysitting or the pizza parlor—get creative! See if your local animal shelter needs help cleaning out the crates or if the hair salon needs a sweeper. These jobs aren’t glamorous, but they’re easy to do and will give you money to spend.

10. Go green.

Ahh, nothing like spending some QT with Mother Nature. Post fliers and offer gardening services to your neighbors. Who wouldn’t want a fresh garden full of flowers in full bloom?

11. Look at local businesses.

If you’re not old enough for a job at your fave local boutique, ask around and see what there is for you to do. Chances are they would love to have some help setting up new inventory or having a helping hand the store gets busy.

12. Get crafty.

Hit up our Pinterest for DIY jewelry inspo that will have everyone’s heads turning. Make amazing statement pieces that will give you the fabulousness you want without making a hole in your wallet.

13. Lend a helping hand.

Grab your buds and volunteer. You may not make major bucks, but you also won’t be spending any either.

14. Make a spending limit.

When you go out for the day, put a cap on how much money you’re going to spend. This will help you pay attention better attention to price tags.

15. Have accountability.

When you give yourself an allowance or a spending limit, let your friends know. They will help you find the best things in your budget and encourage you to shop smart!

16. Reward yourself.

Is your fave artist performing nearby or have you had your eye on a super cute pair of shoes? Every week put aside money specifically for that item, so that when they go on sale you can buy them without making a huge dent in your bank account.

17. Treat yourself.

You and your crew hit up the bakery so much they know you by name. Put a pause on your weekly visits and whip up your own batch of treats. Now you can hang out with your besties without dropping $7 per cupcake.

18. Split the cost

Don’t be afraid to ask your buds to pitch in to help buy something! If your gang is planning a Fourth of July BBQ at the local park, split the cost evenly. That way, the bill doesn’t drain just one person’s bank account.

19. Double check.

Before purchasing something, ask yourself if it is really worth it or if it’s just an impulse buy. If you have something similar or if it’s food that you can get at home, save your money for something else. Make sure that every purchase is worth the price.

20. Have fun!

Even if you’re strapped for cash, don’t let your bank account control your summer. This summer is all about friends, fun, the sun and making memories. Enjoy it!

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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016