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20 things you didn't know about the faces behind GL!

For 20 years, we’ve brought you all the latest inside scoop on celebrities, the best beauty and fashion tips, life advice, and everything else in between. We like to think that here at GL we’ve gotten to know you guys pretty well, so how about you get to know us? Here are 20 fun facts about your very own GL editors that you may not know.

Karen, Publisher & Founding Editor

1. When no one is around, I talk to my cats. They seem to enjoy it.

2. I have dated three people who are famous. Enh.

3. I hate being in water where I can’t see my feet. The ocean is way, way overrated.

4. I have no artistic talents. Can’t sing, can’t act, can’t play an instrument, you never would want to hit the dance floor with me except for the chuckles and I flunked art.

Trish, Senior Editor

1. I have a twin sis...and two brothers and a sister who are triplets. Full house much?
2. I’m a former Irish dancer. I’ve performed at Carnegie Hall, traveled the world for competitions and spent much of my childhood in hair rollers that my head’s hurting just thinking about it.
3. My favorite celeb I’ve interviewed for GL so far might have to be Daniel Radcliffe. There was something about the accent and our mutual fear of NYC cockroaches that hooked my attention.
4. The craziest place I’ve done an interview was on a cruise ship, just as a hurricane was about to hit!

Kelsey, Marketing Manager and Assistant Beauty Editor

1. I've always loved magazines—and I was even a Girls' Life reader back when it was first published in 1994.

2. I dream of dying my hair pink or violet a la Nicole Richie...but until I work up the nerve, I love to dip-dye my ends with temporary hair chalk.

3. My biggest pet peeve? Chipped nail polish. A well-kept mani is a personal must!

4. I'm obsessed with pugs! I've had two, Bella and Winnie, and both have modeled in the pages of GL.

Jess, Fashion Editor

1. I've studied four languages: Spanish, French, Italian and Russian.

2. I met my husband in high school. (It happens!)

3. I go to baseball games exclusively for the cotton candy (they bring it to you).

4. On weekends, you're just as likely to find me gardening or cooking as you are shopping or crafting.

Jossie, Online Editor

1. I love DIY projects and re-arranging furniture every so often to change things up. You can find me browsing Pinterest in my spare time.

2. I am only 5’1” and was once confused as a youth runaway when I was 22 years old!

3. I’ve been dating the same guy for 8 years. We did long distance for a while and used to write letters to eachother (I have them all saved in a box).

4. When my younger sister was born she turned into my real-life baby doll. I used to change her outfits 3 times a day (i.e. extra laundry, sorry mom!) 


by Kate Radin | 2/1/2016