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Be the best babysitter ever with these 5 spooky Halloween crafts


Sure, you'd rather be putting the final touches on your costume or at a horror movie with your boo, but conjuring up these cute crafts will make babysitting this weekend a breeze.  

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    1. Spooky fruit

    Glue googly eyes to a clementine for a no-mess craft that will crack the kids up...and make Mom happy. 

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    2. Oreo monsters

    To make these creepy-cute desserts, place a popsicle stick between the two cookies (in the icing), cover with chocolate or even more icing, and dcorate with candy or a cake-decorating kit. Scary delicious!  

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    3. Tootsie ghosts

    Wrap a Tootsie pop with a tissue, make a Sharpie face and tie an orange yarn bow around the pop for a super cute (and oh so easy) ghost! To keep the munchins busy a little longer, suggest you whip up a batch for the whole class.

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    4. Paper pumpkins

    Remember these from Kindergarten? Turn a paper plate upside down and get to decorating—it's way cleaner and safer than real pumpkin carving. The spookiest face gets a prize!

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    5. Q-Tip Skeleton

    No bones about it, this craft is beyond adorable. A little white paint, black construction paper and some cotton buds are all you need.  

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by Christina Mattera | 2/1/2016