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6 times romantic movies gave you unrealistic expectations

The great lengths characters go to in romantic movies can be absolutely ridiculous. Running into each other's arms? Kissing in the rain? Dancing in the street? Don't get us wrong—we love a good love story, but those sappy movies have been lying to us for long enough. Now GL is getting *real.*

Kissing in the rain


Expectation: You run to each other, jump into his arms and kiss passionately.


Reality: You are cold, wet and will probably get struck by lightning. This is how people get sick!

Ballroom dancing

Expectation: He sweeps you off your feet and spins you around. How did he learn to dance like this? Is he a prince?


Reality: You wouldn't exactly call what either of you two are doing 'dancing'…You both just keep stepping on each others toes.

Writing letters


Expectation: Like Noah in The Notebook, he cares about you so deeply that he writes you a beautiful love letter every. single. day.


Reality: Every day for an entire year? Uhh, can you say 'stalker?'

Falling in love with your best friend


Expectation: After years of being BFFs, you two finally realize you both are in love and live happily ever after.


Reality: Actually, it’s *just* you that is in love and now everything is completely awkward.

Falling for the bad boy

Expectation: It turns out that that bad boy hottie is just a misunderstood guy who needs some love. Deep down he is a sweet dude who treats you right.


Reality: Behind all that good hair is...still an annoying bad boy just looking for trouble.

Chasing someone through the airport


Expectation: You run past security knowing exactly what gate they will be at. You lock eyes and run into each other's arms.


Reality: You just spent your life savings on a plane ticket you aren’t going to use and you can’t find your SO anywhere. Plus, you would never make it in time with those awful security lines.

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by Emily Mullin | 4/12/2019