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Quit procrastinating and start planning this school year


With the new school year approaching a little faster than we would like, there is no better time to get back into the organization groove. Step up your responsibility game during the final weeks of summer to prepare for a more productive school year. Push your procrastination to the side and ready yourself for the best back to school season yet.

Use a planner

Keep track of homework assignments, meeting days and project deadlines with a handy planner. Simply writing things down can go a long way in remembering everything you have to do and getting it all done on time. A planner like this one not only looks cute, but is very useful to coordinate dates all school year long.


Avoid getting behind on due dates by scheduling ahead of time. Figure out how long an assignment will take you to complete and strategize the days and times you should work on it. Instead of saving all of your studying for the night before the test, do it little by little each day in the weeks leading up to your exam. By spacing out your work with a schedule, your school load will seem a little lighter and you will be a little less stressed out. Never miss a note with this set of stylish pens.

Make lists

Make lists for anything and everything. List your homework for the night, the supplies you need for a project or the names and phone numbers of the people who are in your group an assignment. Write lists so you can remember things for later and refer to them at your convenience. This collection of notepads is ideal to jot down all of your reminders.

Reward yourself

Treat yourself whenever you finish a difficult task. Give yourself a small bonus for all of the hours of hard work you put into school. After a tough assignment, take an hour to relax and catch up on your fave TV show or call your friends and invite them to get froyo with you. These tiny treats can help in motivating you to keep focus and quit procrastinating.

How do you prevent procrastination during the school year? Let us know in the comments!

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by Megan Holt | 8/7/2016