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The Justice holiday video series is *just* what you need this season


That sound? That's the sound of relaxation, something we all get to do during this joyous, holiday-filled time of year. It's time to press the pause button on life, show some gratitude (well, more gratitude than usual) and kick it with the people in our lives that we cherish the most. And if that R&R happens to include some YouTube binging, you better be sure these vids are on your watch list.

Starring YouTuber Angelic and Justice ambassador Nya Breslin, this first video from Justice's Wish and Wonder series reminds us just how important simply being together is. For serious holiday vibes, major life inspo and a delish treat you can make at home, press play below.

OK—how cute are those jars?! They would make an amazing holiday present for your mom, dad, bestie or a special someone. Or, instead of gifting them, grab your fam and friends to make magic in the kitchen together and munch on your masterpiece when you're done—because we're better together.

Update: In the second week of Wish and Wonder, we're delivering you this downright adorable and—dare we say—*foxy* DIY. Here, Alyssa from FamilyFunPack and Justice ambassador Layna show us how to live creatively by creating this cute fox out of clay. Check our the vid for all the instructions.

Cute, right?! The design can even be made into a necklace and gifted to a friend. So sweet and personal.

Update: Wish and Wonder week three is here and this time Maddi Jane and Justice ambassador Olivia are hitting the streets to visit The Nationwide Children's Hospital to get the 411 on all the good the hospital does, and give gifts to some of the patients. They learned a *lot* during their visit—discover all the deets below.

It was so nice of Maddie and Olivia to take the time to give back. They showed that it doesn't take much to live positively. Are you volunteering anywhere this holiday season?

Update: Maddie Jane is back! But this time, she's with Justice ambassador Alexandra (along with a few familiar faces) teaching you how to live active. Check out the *cool* vid below.

Ice skating is the ultimate holiday activity, and it's even better when you do it with friends. That human chain is *such* a good idea, too! What's your favorite way to get active?

Update: Ready to live smart, girls? Now, Angelic is back in the kitchen—this time, with ambassador Destinee who's demonstrating how to create chemical reactions. This experiment may seem simple, but it's actually super cool!

Lesson learned: even if things don't go to plan, all that matters is that you had fun along the way. This lesson from Angelic and Destinee is *such* an important one to keep in mind.

Update: This (final!) week, Alyssa returns, this time with Girl With Heart, Brynna, as they live connected by chatting with their pal Naura from Indonesia.

It's pretty cool that they can talk to a friend who lives *halfway* around the world in Southeast Asia! Technology is such a norm for us that we often take for granted how easy it is to stay connected to the people that we love. Give your phone/computer/tablet a little hug today to show you're appreciation.

Want more fun vids just like these? You're in luck. This post will be updated weekly throughout November and December with a new, fun video from Justice. Each one will teach you how to live life in a way that's connected, active, smart, positive and creative. Don't forget to check back for updates!

How do you live positively? Sound off in the comments below, or on social media using #livejustice.


by GL | 12/9/2016