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The secrets to *actually* keeping your New Year's resolutions

Many of us set a New Year's resolution or a 2019 intention last night...but most of us *won't* keep them for very long.

Studies have shown that almost 80 percent of rezzies fail. Yikes. That doesn't mean you shouldn't make them, though. Instead, follow one (or all) of these tips to ensure your goals last a little longer than all the glitter that's on your floor today...

+ Be specific. Writing rezzies like "I'm going to love myself" or "I want to be more outgoing" are great, but also pretty tough to measure and accomplish. Break it down into smaller bits. For example, will you love yourself by repeating a positive affirmation to yourself in the bathroom mirror every morning (try "I'm beautiful and smart and strong")...or by carving out 15 minutes of you-time every day? Or will you be more outgoing by talking to one new person a week...or joining the debate club? Get specific.

+ Tell your friends. Unless it's super personal (and you're totally entitled to keep it private if you prefer!), sharing your resolution with your BFF or your mom can be a really helpful way to keep yourself accountable. If they know your goal is to stop biting your nails, they'll give you a slap on the hand the next time you do it. That way, if you forget your resolution or just aren't feeling really optimistic about it, your support system will be there to give you a boost. 

+ Make it a "start" instead of a "stop." So many of our resolutions tend to be focused on negatives—like what we need to stop doing. They're about cutting things out of our life. (No more junk food! No more 12am bedtimes!) But those don't exactly sound fun, which makes it tough for us to stay motivated. Change the way you think of your rezzie and think about adding in good things to your life instead of taking things away. Don't plan to ditch pizza and chips forever...instead, simply plan to eat more veggies each day. Simply re-framing the way you write your resolution can inspire you more and make you actually *want* to do it.

+ Download an app. Chances are you're rarely without your phone. So using an app to keep track of your resolutions will also, well, help you stay on track. You can even try one like Stickk that will cost you if you fail (you commit a certain amount of money upfront and, if you don't reach your goal, those dollars get donated to charity).

What New Year's resolutions are you making? Let us know below! 


by Amanda Tarlton | 1/1/2019