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Tay's amaze Grammy video is the best thing you'll watch today


If you didn’t love Taylor Swift before, you definitely will nowthe 1989 singer’s fab video from the 59th Grammy Awards campaign inspires girls *everywhere* and reminds them to reach for their dreams.

T-Swift gave her speech, It Was You, as she accepted Record of the Year during last year's awards ceremony. Now, this heartwarming one-minute vid shows young women reciting the speech as they pursue their own passion. From an aspiring dancer, a determined drummer to an ambitious athlete, these girls speak with true heart. 

It Was You connects with and empowers women of all ages as an anthem to never let anyone, or anything, get in their way. During a time of serious gal power, this film furthers the positivity seen during the recent Women’s March in Washington, DC. The vid totally hits home with girls all around the world and gives us something to believe in...including ourselves. Beautiful, talented and an inspiration? All more reasons why Tay is such a strong female role model.

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Photo credit: Wenner Media.

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by Jacqueline Burnett | 2/1/2017