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Why a job interview was the best decision of my life

If you asked me to name the one thing that changed my life, I'd say it was deciding to go to my first job interview when I was in high school.

Growing up my older sister didn’t have a job until she was in college. Me being the younger (and much quieter) sister, I just always assumed I would follow in her footsteps and do life similar to hers. I was always shy around people I didn’t know, and forget about presentations because you better believe I was crying the night before because I was so nervous to present in front of people.

The day I decided to go to an interview for a restaurant opening up in my neighborhood was the day I began to come out of my shell that I was hiding in the previous 16 years of my life.

Yes, I was nervous. (I mean really, who wouldn't be?) Yes, my legs were shaking while waiting in the room next to where the interviews were taking place. But there I was, in my multi-colored maxi dress I thought was the perfect outfit to wear this day for some reason (it was hideous and I am still questioning what I was thinking TBH).

It wasn’t until I sat down in front of my (now) boss that I realized that it was absolutely ridiculous to be so scared. I mean really, what did I have to lose? I would either get the job, or not get the job. Either way I was putting myself out there and giving myself opportunities I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t just try.

Fast forward five years later and here I am still employed at the restaurant I had my first interview at. Not only did I get hired but I also have received raises, a promotion and am now assisting my bosses train employees at a new location they are opening.

I will forever be convinced that going for that interview has made me who I am today. If I had let my shyness and nerves get to me and said “Ehh it’s just one restaurant, I could always try next year,” I would not have found people to call my second parents aka my bosses. I would not have had five years (and counting) of experience with talking to and pleasing complete strangers. I would not have had any practice before having to interview for the “real world” after college (yes this thought still scares me…but at least I know what it’s like).

Moral of my story: Life is too short to let your insecurities and fears get in the way. All it takes is that *one* time you have to push yourself through your nerves to figure out that you are exactly where you need to be.

So go for it. Go for that local restaurant hosting position. Go for that totally fab retail position at your fave store in the mall. The possibilities are endless, as long as you step outside your comfort zone and take the first step.

What have you done recently that has scared you? Tell us below! 


by Emily Stephenson | 10/28/2018