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How a pair of mismatched socks made these girls CEOs


How many of us have reached into our drawer and pulled out socks that definitely didn't match...but wore them anyways? Call it lazy or call it a style statement, it happens *all* the time. And teens Carly and Charley realized this—and decided to make a business out of it.

With a mantra of "be yourself," Single Sox aims to solve the common sitch of the missing sock. The girls sell socks in packs of three so you can mix and match as you wish. Each pack is super colorful and *super* inspiring—Carly and Charley have included motivational words on every sock to encourage girls to celebrate their differences. To date, they've sold over 50,000 pairs worldwide (!!) and launched their line in major department stores.

But the real inspiration behind the sock startup is something even more meaningful: "We originally started with the Odd-Sox Project where we collect loose socks and donate them to the homeless," explains the girls. "Once we realized it was a business opp, too, we came up with Single Sox." And they've carried on the tradition of giving back, too—for every pair of socks sold, they donate a pair in need.

The duo's best advice for other future girl bosses? "Start small and remember to never give up. It takes a lot of hard work and sometimes you'll make mistakes but keep trying. It's a learning process, for sure."

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by Amanda Tarlton | 10/12/2018