Get Inspired

Funny animal memes that are *actually* inspiring

Sometimes the phrase "get inspired" can sound intimidating, especially if you see all these people your age with success stories and you...well you're still unsure of what you're even having for brekkie tomorrow. Basically, you're still figuring things out.

And by things, we mostly mean if you want to go to college, which school you want to go to, what you're going to major in, what your plans are after graduating, are you going to get a job, where can you work and the list goes on.

It's normal to have these worries, and we know it's scary. But sometimes only time will tell. While we wait, why not be happy and laugh instead of being sad? Humor can motivate people to do something—maybe even find success. With so many jokes and memes on the Internet, you can easily try to crack a smile. Most are usually just stupid funny. However, some are *actually* inspiring, especially animal ones.

Here are some that might not solve your problems, but at least they'll ease your mind a little. And hopefully also encourage you.

It's okay if you haven't achieved much. Just remember everyone goes at their own pace.

All you have to do is find something. You won't know until you try. What's your alternative?

No matter what it is, put your mind to it. If there's a want, then there's a will.

Even if you're not good at it, be like this lion because you're more than the giraffe. 

Always push through like this ant. You got this and you're worth it. 

And like this mouse. Even on bad days. 

Forget sometimes, do this all the time...

Then someday, you'll achieve all your goals. And continue to do so. We believe in you.

Which meme was your favorite? Do you have any of your own? Let us know below!

Photo credit: Memesbam, Imgflip, Pinterest, Twitter, Easyide


by Kelly Zheng | 7/29/2018