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Spooky Saturday: 10 ways to have a fun, fierce and festive fall weekend!

It's the first *real* fall weekend (finally!) and I'm here for it: the crisp weather, the spooky vibes and *all* the autumnal activities. To celebrate, I've put together a list of 10 fun, freaky ways to get in the October spirit — and make this the best weekend ever.

1. Get your fall ~lewk~ on lock
If there's one time of year to play with edgier beauty trends, October is it. As usual, accentuated eyes and goth-glam lips were key trends on the fall runways this take some inspo from Dove Cameron's recent Insta pic and play around with your own fierce full-beat face.


guess what. it’s october

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2. Go to a cornfield with your BFFs
The modest corn maze is a surprisingly aesthetic place for to stage a photoshoot — just take a peek at all of Chloe's cuteness. Natural light? Golden hour? A punny tee? Yes, please!


Me because Halloween is in less than a week 🎃🤗

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3. Get a head start on your Halloween costume
If you're anything like me, you've been thinking about your outfit for the 31st for weeks already — I need to have a play way in advance. Spirit Halloween stores just reopened for the season (plus all the smaller pop-ups, too), so schedule a visit to get inspired. Or, even better: Get creative and make your own costume with clothes from your closet. (Nia's look here is so simple but chic.)


Swat team 💪What are you dressing up as?! #happyhalloween

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4. Go to a haunted house
Round up your bravest, boldest besties — and head out for a night of horrors. If you're a total junkie for all things scary, this is an *essential* way to get in the spooky spirit. (Invite your crush, if you dare — being terrified together is great for bonding and, well, hand-holding.)


i seem happy but i promise you i’m scared! had so much fun at #universalhhn with this scaredy cat💕

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5. Decorate (and devour) delish candy apples
Scroll through the #candyapples hashtag for some inspo (seriously, it makes my mouth water), then head to your local farmers market and grab a batch. Embellish with chocolate, caramel and candies — just be sure to share a snap before you munch that masterpiece.

6. Watch 'The Great Pumpkin'
This list wouldn't be complete without some Charlie Brown. It's that time of year again. Everyone needs to watch it. Trust me. Maybe eat some of those candy apples while you do...


Dear Great Pumpkin #peanuts #thegreatpumpkin #linus #lucy #halloweencountdown #popculturecult

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7. Go to Starbucks
Throw on your Uggs and hit up this quintessential coffee shop for the most amazing seasonal smells. Yummmm. And if a pumpkin spice latte isn't your groove? No biggie! Take after Ari and grab a simpler sip — it's all about the aroma and atmosphere, anyway.



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8. Invite your besties to brunch
I it even the weekend if you don't get brunch? Call up your girls, make a rezzie at the best spot in your town and indulge in your favorite brunchy bites over cups of warm apple cider. Check out this Instagram page dedicated to this foodie favorite. Drool.

9. Go on a hike
Fresh autumn air is everything — but fall is an infamously short season, so take advantage of the cool, crisp weather by lacing up your boots and hitting the trails. The leaves alone will be epic.


🍁 Fall colors 🍁

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10. Stay in for a scary movie marathon
Whether you're into the family-friendly flicks like Hocus Pocus or want to scare yourself silly (my personal favorite is Scream), queue up some classics for a night of frights.


Scream released in 1996 was horror slasher film by Wes Craven. Credited as reviving the horror genre in the 90's the film introduced the infamous now mask of ghostface has gone on to achieve cult status. Almost a spoof with giving away the secrets of a slasher film, the film was a success. Also was based on the real life case of Gainesville killer. Do you like scary movies? #scream #screamfilm #screammovie #ghostface #doyoulikescarymovies #sydneyprescott #nevecampbell #deweyriley #davidarquette #galeweathers #courtneycox #dimensionfilms #woodsentertainment #wescraven #horror #horrorfilm #horrormovie #scarymovie #scaryfilm #slasher #cult #cultclassic #cultmovie #scary #90smovies

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by Audrey Bartholomew | 10/6/2018