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This is how health influencer Krystal Nielson stays feeling fit and fab

On-screen and off, Krystal Nielson lets you know she’s here to sparkle. The former The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise contestant and current #girlboss (and newly married babe!) is building a fitness empire that empowers women to take control of their bodies.

For Krystal and her followers (aka the Glitter Gang), staying fit is about more than physical health—it's about being your best self all around. Below, she shares how she stays motivated, positive and focused on her future.

Girls' Life: Motivation is something so many people struggle with when it comes to getting fit. How do you stay motivated and consistent?
Krystal Nielson: Motivation is tied to purpose—no purpose means no motivation. I think it’s important to stay focused on why your goal is important to you. Maybe you’re trying to get fit for a vacation, or you’ve had a health scare. You need to find what internally motivates you. 

Continuously set new goals for yourself. My philosophy is that fitness is a tool to teach yourself self-discipline and perseverance. Sometimes, the goal is physical, about how you look, or it’s about how you feel, like maybe you want to be more flexible. Fitness for me is a fun way to experiment with different diets and exercises.

GL: You’ve been in the public eye for some time, which can be a very negative space when it comes to body image. How do you keep criticism from getting you down?
KN: It comes down to loving and accepting yourself at every stage of life you’re in, spiritually, mentally and physically. You have to honor yourself during your highs and lows, and hear criticism without taking it too personally. For me, I could’ve handled criticism two ways: taken it personally and attacked back, or looked for feedback, not criticism.

When I changed my mindset to feedback, I saw that if many people were saying the same thing, maybe there was a part of me that needed to be addressed, maybe there was something I could work on to become a better person. 

GL: Are there any fitness mistakes you notice a lot of people making when it comes to beginning to work out?
KN: Form is very important for avoiding injuries, and lack of flexibility inhibits many people from activating and contracting their muscles fully, so they’re not getting the most out of their workout. I recommend setting aside 10 minutes a day to stretch and check in with your body and see how you’re feeling.

GL: In your book Total Body Guide, you share workouts and eating advice, but also your story from when you were in a standstill in terms of fitness and your path in life. What’s the one piece of advice you would give yourself back then?
KN: Looking back at the last three years, as I was searching for my meaning and purpose, I reached out to mentors and successful people asking for advice. My advice to my past self would be to not take their advice.

I allowed myself to be swayed by what other people wanted to do, and found myself in the same place three years later as I was three years before. I know now that I need to stay true to myself to go after what I want. 

GL: Do you have any advice for girls looking to start their own business/brand?
KN: My advice would be to start right now—not tomorrow, right now. In 2008 I was watching workout programs on Youtube, [feeling] so inspired, and I always said, ‘One day, that will be me.’ But what if I’d started in 2008, eleven years ago? Can you imagine where I’d be now? If you keep saying tomorrow, it’s always going to be tomorrow and never today. You have to make that shift.

GL: You’ve used a vision board to focus in on your goals in the past. How do you utilize that tool, along with other versions of mindfulness and goal setting, to work towards what you want?
KN: My vision board is different than most peoples’ because there aren’t any pictures, just affirmations. When I need to circle back to myself, I read those empowering statements I’ve gathered, ones that have resonated with my soul. [The vision board] is intermixed with vision casting; I put on my favorite song and envision walking out on a stage to address and help an audience full of women. I see what I want and experience what I want for my future self in the now. 

What fitness goals are you working toward? Share in the comments below!

Photo credit: courtesy of Krystal Nielson


by Bailey Bujnosek | 6/18/2019