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5 ways to feel more pulled-together this spring

Want to press reset on your New Year's resolutions? Have some extra time over spring break to get it all together? You can—and will!—succeed with these five tricks for feeling like your best you. 

1. Organize your room


It's impossible to organize your entire life if your space is a cluttered mess. Talk about bad vibes! Take an afternoon to *finally* get your bedroom in order. Play some of your fave songs while you clean so it goes from a chore to something fun, then fold your clothes, make your bed and put away any of the random things sitting out around your room. You'll feel like a whole new person when you're done!

2. Get a planner


If you struggle with remembering due dates for assignments, this tip will change your life. Keeping a planner with all of your homework, projects and club responsibilities will help you remember everything you have to get done each week. No more zeros for forgetting those pesky workbook pages!

3. Delete old emails


Have you been missing important school emails because you have *so* much junk in your mailbox? Now's the time to get rid of all those old emails that have sat in your inbox for months. When you do this, make sure you keep anything that's still important, like passwords, upcoming events or mail related to school assignments. Anything else? Say bye-bye!

4. Get ahead on homework


Of course you're going to finish your actual spring break assignments, but how about pushing it a step further? If you're reading a book in English, go full steam ahead on a few chapters that haven't been assigned yet. You can do the same with your history textbook or the next math concept on your syllabus. When you roar back into school after break, you'll be raising your hand left and right thanks to your headstart. 

5. Hype yourself up


The most important part of getting your life together is believing in yourself! Treat yourself right and everything else will work out. Go shopping, give yourself a spa day or make time to read your fave book before spring break comes to an end. The most important thing in your life is you...act like it!

Are you feeling ready to go back to school? Let us know in the comments!


by Taylor Dove | 3/9/2020