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How each zodiac sign flirts, explained in GIFs

We all know that a person's zodiac sign plays a *major* role in the way that they act. We've heard it all—Leos love attention, Cancers are emotional, yada yada. You may be aware of how a person's sign affects what kind of friend they are, but do you know how it affects the way that they flirt? Keep reading for the scoop on how each zodiac sign shows that they're into someone. 


If you're an Aries, there's one word to describe you flirting style, and that's BOLD. You've got no issue making it known that you're interested. Subtle? As if. 


You're *def* a true romantic. You're a bit more reserved when it comes to flirting, but when you like someone, you'll make sure that you're there for them whenever they need it. Little gifts and acts of kindness are totally your thing. 


If there was an award for the flirtiest zodiac sign, you Geminis would be the *all-around* champs. You're witty and smart, and you have a way with words like no one else. All you have to do to flirt is start up some conversation and you'll have them smitten with you in no time. 


You're a lover, that's for sure. Cancers are know for their caring nature, and they are quick to give a listening ear. Cancers are known for their big hearts, and they win their crushes over by sharing all the love they've got to give. 


If anyone's a charmer, it's a Leo! Leos love being complimented, and they flirt by returning the favor. When a Leo is obssesed with someone, they will *def* let them know it! 


Virgos are a bit more reserved with words when it comes to flirting— they like to keep you guessing! If a Virgo is into you, you can tell by their body language. In a Virgo's world, actions speak louder than words! 


You Libras give Geminis a run for their money! Libras are usually loved by everyone they meet, and there's a reason: they are *huge* people pleasers. Libras are amazing at finding out what their crushes are into and diving into whatever that it is! 


Scorpios are of the most *intense* signs when it comes to flirting. They love the chase and thrill of flirting, and they use their charming nature to reel in their latest crushes. 


A Sagittarius doesn't have to do much to flirt—their personality is more than enough to catch someone's eye! Archers are all about fun and energy, and they take their crushes along for the ride. 


While Capricorns may be more reserved, they absolutely know what they want, and they'll let you know when they like you! No guessing games or mixed signals with a Capricorn; they're straightforward—and that's the truth! 


Aquarius babes, your flirting style is all about the brains. You've got a huge one, and you flirt by chatting about all the interesting things inside your head!


Pisces are *totally* romantic and sensitive, but their flirting style is a little more shy! They won't come right and say they like you; they prefer shooting glances and batting eyes to let you know they're smitten. 

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by Paris Johnson | 7/27/2020