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Your 2021 horoscope (aka why this is going to be *your* year)

The events of 2020 weren't what anyone (even many astrologers) predicted, but 2021 is going to bring fresh opportunities, good news and overall joy.

THIS YEAR was marked by isolation, reflection and a reassessment of what's truly important. What we often used to take for granted (like big family holiday parties and you know, hanging with friends at school without masks on) is now fondly remembered as "the before times."

But while plans of all kinds drastically shifted in 2020, unseen opportunities opened up, both for individual people and the world at large. And now, prepare yourself for one of the biggest planetary events of 2021: Saturn "squaring" Uranus, which means they'll be at an angle that creates tension.

So what's the big deal? Saturn is the planet of structure and Uranus is the planet of innovation. When they face off, the result can be a big, life-changing shakeup. Yes, we know that sounds like 2020 all over again, but like Mercury in retrograde, it's something that causes things to fall apart so better things can come together.

Maybe it'll mean finding a new passion to throw yourself into...or an opportunity to express yourself in ways you haven't before. It can mean getting invested in a cause to better the world...or figuring out what you want to study in college. It can mean finding out if your crush even knows you exist...or discovering love was right under your nose the whole time. Whatever it is, 2021 is the year you will finally move forward. And that's *always* good news.


THE GOOD STUFF: Being an ambitious sign, your instinct at the start of 2021 is to jump into all your goals ASAP. Thankfully, Ceres, an asteroid that represents nurturing and listening to your inner needs, enters your sign on Feb. 21 and gets you to slow down. Which passions make you feel good? What do you enjoy doing? Ceres pushes you to examine the things that make up the core of your happiness. By the time the sun enters your sign on March 20, you feel energized by your dreams.

WATCH OUT: The full moon on Oct. 20 is in your sign, which means you'll really feel it. Full moons represent big endings, so if you're planning on cutting ties with someone, make sure you really think through it first.

YOUR LUCKIEST DAY: April 11 brings a new moon in your sign, which represents beginnings. And with Venus and Mercury in Aries, you're in the right headspace to start off on the best foot with a new friendship of hobby.


THE GOOD STUFF: This year will be anything but a snooze for you. January caps off with action-focused Mars and awakening Uranus in your sign, prompting you to urgently fix up anything in your life that feels askew. Then, on April 14, Venus (your ruling planet) enters your sign shortly before the sun and Mercury follow suit, making you feel like your best self. When Saturn squares Uranus, you might feel like you need to change up your room, your relationships—something. It could feel like you're turning into a new person every few months, but this growth is great for you.

WATCH OUT: Uranus (which is in your sign) goes retrograde on Aug. 19, making you feel like all your big changes have ground to a halt. If something you're trying for the first time doesn't work out right now, be patient!

YOUR LUCKIEST DAY: On May 8, Ceres, the asteroid of nurturing, enters your sign. Take time to chill with your BFF or family. It'll be just what you need.


THE GOOD STUFF: The new year feels like it really kicks off for you in May, when multiple planets and stars (Mercury, Venus, the sun) are nestled in your sign. After feeling bogged down with Saturn squaring Uranus since February, you finally feel like your full, chatty, gregarious self again! While you can befriend anyone, now's the time to think about which kinds of people to focus on. Which pals make you feel like you're truly yourself—and not simply a talented entertainer?

WATCH OUT: Mercury (your ruling planet) goes retrograde in your sign on May 29, making you feel clumsy with words. Think through every text—this transit makes you more likely to accidentally send something to the wrong person (eek!).

YOUR LUCKIEST DAY: Mercury officially enters your sign on May 3, just before your season starts. Enjoy your amplified gift of gab by introducing yourself to new people (and making plenty of summer plans with your besties).


THE GOOD STUFF:  While it can feel like everyone around you is busy, you feel fine taking things at your own pace. In 2020 you learned to love savoring the small, happy things around you. When action-demanding Mars enterss your sign on April 23, you'll feel rested enough to put yourself out there. How are you holding back? When is caution good—and when does it keep you from branching out? Mercury, planet of communication, enters your sign on July 11, pushing you to speak up.

WATCH OUT: Mars in your sign on April 23 can be stressful, as it clashes with Cancer's sensibilities. If you feel stressed or some newfound pressure to plump up your schedule, take a breather. Only sign up for things you feel comfortable committing to.

YOUR LUCKIEST DAY: The moon is your ruling "planet" and there's a new moon in your sign on July 9, pushing you toward some exciting new chapters. Use this time to assess your goals and figure out exactly the type of person you want to be.


THE GOOD STUFF: There's a full moon in your sign on Jan. 28, forcing you to put an end to anything—habits, relationships,—that's been keeping you down. Then, you'll feel all the more empowered to focus on you 2021 resolutions. By mid-June, your schedule is packed with plans and your energy is boundless—both in going after your goals and growing closer with your friends. If you feel like you're on the right path, harness that vibe and make a grab for your biggest dreams yet.

WATCH OUT: The Aug. 8 new moon in your sign (think: new beginnings) can be exciting. But with the sun also in your sign, it's easy to get carries away and jump into something too soon.

YOUR LUCKIEST DAY: You're ruled by the sun, so when it enters your sign on July 23 and kicks off Leo season, you feel like a total queen capable of doing anything. This is absolutely the time to take risks, because you have the focus and drive to excel at almost anything you do.


THE GOOD STUFF: There's a full moon in your sign on Feb. 27, hinting at an ending of something. While this can hurt, you're on the path to bigger and brighter things, especially when Vesta (an asteroid that represents being on your own) enters your sign on April 20. Where in relationships are you compromising too much? Do you struggle to say how you feel or are you trying too hard to seem chill? Vesta pushes you to confront all these things. You're just making space for something new.

WATCH OUT: Adreneline-fueled Mars enters your sign on July 29, which can sometimes make you panic because you like to analyze and think out a situation before acting. If you can stall any big decisions, do so, because...

YOUR LUCKIEST DAY: On Aug. 11, Mercury (your ruling planet) enters Virgo, halping you become far more confident and decisive. Any murky feelings or previously confusing thoughts are suddenly crystal clear. Just like that, you've solved the issue.


THE GOOD STUFF: This past year has been hard for a social sign like you, but if the full moon in your sign on March 28 is any indicator, you'll get rid of a lot of that emotional baggage soon. Sure, you miss your busy social life, but the pandemic has taught you that you're OK on your own. And that's a good thing, because Vesta (the asteroid of solo time and higher meaning) enters your sign on July 19. Use this time to figure out where you can use your voice for good.

WATCH OUT: The new moon in your sign on Oct. 6 is generally a good thing, because it pushes for positive change in the world. That said, Libras can feel convinced that their way is the absolute right way. Be open to other views, OK?

YOUR LUCKIEST DAY: Venus (your ruling planet) enters your sign on Aug. 16, making you feel closer to your friends and drawing them to you. Enjoy the attention—and enjoy it again when it's your season, starting on Sept. 24.


THE GOOD STUFF: If 2020 gave you anything, it was a lot of time to think about your life. Things can feel (agonizingly) slow, but by April 26, the full moon in your sign pushes you to cut out anything you feel weighs you down. You're ready to move on and, while it's tough, Venus enters your sign on Sept. 10, helping you deepen the relationships that *are* working. By the time Mercury enters your sign on Nov. 5, you feel far more clear-headed—and sure of your choices.

WATCH OUT: Vesta, the asteroid of solitude, enters your sign on Sept. 20, further adding to the on-your-own vibes. Make sure you reach out to people you trust and talk through any and all tough emotions.

YOUR LUCKIEST DAY: Pluto, your ruling "planet," exits retrograde on Oct. 6, which helps you further address the things you've been wanting to improve in your personal life. Enjoy the newfound clarity and make those decisions, Scorp.


THE GOOD STUFF: Juno, the asteroid of romantic partnership, is in retrograde in your sign starting on April 12, shaking up any new relationships. A full moon total eclipse in Sag happens on May 26 and changes everything. Whatever it is, you'll have even more clarity when Juno leaves retrograde on Aug. 2. Vesta (the asteroid of you-time) eneters your sign on Nov. 16, which can push you to stay single for the time being—or at least start to carve out more space for yourself.

WATCH OUT: Your ruling planet, Jupiter, goes into retrograde on June 20, which can make you feel like nothing is going your way. Be patient and avoid rash decisions until this planet of luck leaves retrograde on Oct. 18.

YOUR LUCKIEST DAY: With Vesta and the sun magnifying how invincible you feel, Mercury entering your sign on Nov. 24 helps you think through a plan to make your wildest ambitions come to light, The sky's the limit.


THE GOOD STUFF: It's an amazing start to the year: Venus is in your sign Jan. 8, making you feel magnetic. Coupled with the new moon in Cap on Jan. 13, you sense this is the year all your hard work will pay off. Things might get rocky mid-year, when a full moon plus Pluto retrograde in your sign can make you confused. Are you spending time with the right people? Now's the moment to choose wisely, and then you'll reap the benefits for the rest of the year.

WATCH OUT: Your ruling planet, Saturn (which deals with structure and discipline) goes retrograde on May 23, making you feel like your life is, well, a mess. Struggles with focus and organization abound, so try to stay on top of things right now.

YOUR LUCKIEST DAY: Saturn leaves retrograde on Oct. 10, restoring your sense of calm and order. Whatever your new goals are, you're ready to tackles them in your headstrong, classic Capricorn way. Love that for you!


THE GOOD STUFF: To say this year will be big is an understatement. The sun and Venus enter your sign shortly after Jan. 1, and with a new moon also in your sign on Feb. 11, you feel like big things are about to happen. This could mean figuring out where you want to go to college or anything that feels *huge*. A few retrogrades (Saturn and Jupiter) and full moons in your sign might throw you off-balance later in the year, but both retrogrades end mid-October, when luck will be on your side.

WATCH OUT: There's a full moon in your sign on July 23. Simply put: There'll be a lot of tension in your life around structure and money, which could translate to worries about what you want to do when you get older. Don't stress so much about it right now—the answer will come.

YOUR LUCKIEST DAY: Jupiter, planet of fortune, leaves retrograde in your sign on Oct. 18—and, boy, do you feel it. Make the most of any opportunities that come your way.


THE GOOD STUFF: Between mid-February and mid-March, you feel like any lingering issues in your relationships are on the mend. The sun, Venus (love), Mercury (communication) and Pallas (an asteroid that deals with diplomacy) are all in your sign at one point in that time frame, making you feel like you can fix any beef with anyone—or end things once and for all. Jupiter (luck, and one of your ruling planets) entering your sign on May 13 opens up new opportunities for you.

WATCH OUT: On June 20 and June 25, your two ruling planets, Jupiter (fortune) and Neptune (imagination), go retrograde, so being ~in your feels~ is to be expected. Be ready to tough it out but try not to freak out—by December, you'll barely remember feeling this way.

YOUR LUCKIEST DAY: Dec. 28 is when Jupiter enters your sign again. This leads to a *major* creativity boost, so channel it. Write, make some art—enjoy your creative, unique brain to its fullest!

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Edited for digital by Erin Sargent. 


by Julia Pugachevsky | 12/31/2020