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5 songs guaranteed to make you *instantly* happy


It's a new year, which means a new start and new goals for us all to work towards over the coming months! One super-easy way to lift your spirits and motivate you throughout the day is with good music, and we have been busy compiling a mini playlist of the happiest hits we can think of. These songs are perfect for study sessions, long car rides, hanging out in your room, and working out. Get ready to start streaming on repeat! 

Back Home (Andy Grammer) 

Andy Grammer is known for his uplifting music, and this 2014 song is as great as it was back when it was first released. Talk about a serotonin boost! 

Chasing Fire (Lauv) 

Use this one to help push you through a run- trust me, it'll pump you up! The energy buildup of this song makes it super exciting to listen to, and the lyrics are so catchy that you can't help but sing along. 

Whenever (Kriss Kross Amsterdam, The Boy Next Door, Conor Maynard) 

Who doesn't love a good remix? These artists have *totally* taken Shakira's hit to the next level and created a fun, happy jam in the process. 

Magic in the Hamptons (Social House, Lil Yachty) 

This song *always* gives off summery vibes. It's perfect for a chill day when you don't have much to do but curl up with a good book (or soak up the sun, if you live where the weather is warm!) 

La La Love (Animal Island) 

If you are ever feeling down and want a cheerful song to put a smile back on your face, this is the one! It's impossible not to feel happy and grateful while listening to these lyrics. 

Which of these songs are you adding to your personal "greatest hits" list? Let us know @girlslifemag on Twitter and Insta! 


by Lexi Casazza | 2/2/2021