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5 easy ways to bring more joy into your weekend mornings

Rise and Shine! There's nothing quite like waking up on a Saturday morning knowing there's no bus to catch or tests to take. But what happens when that feeling wears off? You might find yourself in a funk on days when you don't have any big plans. This feeling is *totally* normal. Fortunately, there are small changes you can make to your wake-up routine to improve your mood and set your day up in a positive way. 

1. Bring on the natural light
It's proven that Vitamin D serves as a mood booster. Want to start your morning off right? Let that sunshine through. Open your blinds or swap your room-darkening curtains for some sheer ones. If your room doesn't see too many rays, try out a sunrise alarm clock, which mimics natural light in order to wake you up naturally each morning. 

2. Set intentions
If you've seen a morning routine TikTok or two, you've probably noticed that a lot of people carve out time in the morning for journaling. Keeping up with a journal can often feel like an obligation, so goal-setting is an easy way to keep journaling beneficial and something to look forward to. Whether you write about what you want to make for breakfast, accomplish this week or pursue as a career, goal-setting helps to keep us moving forward and hold ourselves accountable for our actions in the present. Setting small and achievable goals will help you feel productive throughout the day!

3. Stay Hydrated
We all know drinking more water is easier said than done. Why not start off on the right foot each morning to set yourself up for success? Lemon water can be enjoyed hot or iced, whatever you prefer, and the tea possibilities are *endless.* Either way, taking the time to make your drink and sit by a window or on your patio without any phone distractions will get you feeling calm and collected each morning. 

4. Get Ready
Once you've had a chance to wake up and get out of bed, it's time to get ready for the rest of the day. Step one: Blast your fave fall playlist. From there, Brush your teeth and your hair, wash your face and don't forget to moisturize (SPF is always a good idea and your skin will thank you!). Make your bed. Wear clothes that make you happy, put on your favorite jewelry and, if you're feeling fancy, throw on some makeup, too. Even if your agenda that day includes sitting on the couch and doing laundry, having gotten ready for the day will help you feel more productive. It's cheesy but it's true—when you look good, you feel good!

5. Keep up the good vibes All. Day. Long. 
Woohoo! You just made the most out of your morning routine—now what? It's pretty simple, don't let all that positive energy go to waste. Try to recreate that weekend-morning feeling all day long by revisiting some of the previous tips and celebrating the little victories! Find things to get excited about and smile for, even if it's a silly commercial or something online. When you look for joy, joy will come to you. 

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by Riley Yates | 9/25/2021