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8 ways to become more approachable and confident in 2022


Making new friends is a super important part of our lives but it can seem super daunting (especially after months of Zoom and virtual learning). If saying "hi" to the new girl or *finally* approaching your crush at lunch seems easier said than done, we're here with ways to help you become more approachable and confident in 2022. Because after all, confidence is key.

Mind your body language

You may not realize it, but body language can say *so* much about you and how approachable you are. Next time you want to seem ready to make new friends, opt for uncrossed arms, open body language and a bright smile. If you're talking to one person, make sure to face them (check to make sure your toes are pointed in their direction). This will help you come off as way more subconsciously confident.

Speak with clarity 

The way we speak can make or break our first impression on a person. Although it can be difficult to be heard (especially behind masks), make sure to take a deep breath and speak loud and clear. This way, you can steer clear of that awkward "what did you say?" convo-interrupter. 

Set goals

Although confidence may seem natural, it isn't something that we can gain overnight. Confidence is a skill that takes practice. Set goals to prepare yourself for the process of self-love. This list will help to make the most confident version of yourself more attainable.

Repeat positive affirmations 

Affirmations, or positive present-tense statements, can be a *total* game-changer. Whether you repeat "I am confident" into the mirror before school or journal about your daydreams as if they've already come true, find a way that works for Y-O-U to repeat these statements daily. You'll definitely notice a shift in your mindset.

Try not to compare yourself to others

It can be hard to get through the day without comparing yourself to others. However, comparison has the tendency to break down confidence. Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, give that person *and* yourself a compliment. Thinking and speaking positively of yourself and others will improve your confidence and encourage others to spend more time around you. 

Reach out to others first

Reaching out to people who seem alone is a great way to become more approachable—and you might make some new friends along the way. Being kind to others and approaching them first will help people feel comfortable around you. This might make them more likely to come up and talk to you, too! So, next time you see someone sitting alone in class, strike up a convo with them—they could be your future BFF. 

Smile and be engaged 

Most likely no one wants to talk to someone who seems bored with the conversation. It's important to always look engaged when talking to others. You can do this by making eye contact, nodding and reacting to their thoughts. Another easy way to look more approachable is to smile (easy, right?). Others will be more drawn to someone who is smiling than someone who isn't. Go ahead, show off those pearly whites (even if they're behind a mask!). 

Practice self-care

Taking the steps to become your best self is the key to confidence. Partaking in self-care is a great way to calm your nerves and take care of yourself so you can be at the top of your game. Yoga and meditation are great ways to clear your mind before jumping in to a new situation. Taking a moment to relax and read or binge your fave TV show will give your mind a break, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day has in store. 

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by Eva Mandelbaum and Paige Mountain | 1/7/2022