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What your fave holiday Starbucks drink says about you

It's our favorite time of year—Starbucks holiday drinks are back (and better than ever). Even with so many options—everyone has their drink of choice. Whether you are a lover of the classics, or you're switching it up this year—we've got all the deets on what your fave Starbucks holiday drink says about you. 

Peppermint mocha


If a peppermint mocha is your go-to Starbucks holiday drink—you love the classics. Once you find something you love, you always stick by it—making you super loyal. You are pretty chill but know how to have fun. Your prescence is refreshing and people love being around you. Keep it up girl—you're going places. 

Caramel brulee latte 

Caramel brulee lattes are another Starbucks holiday staple. If a caramel brulee is the first thing you're sipping on this winter—you are sweet with a hint of spice. You make friends easily and people gravitate to you because of your spunky personality. Keep being the sweet yet spicy queen you're destined to be. 

Irish Cream Cold Brew

If you're drinking an irish cream cold brew during the holiday season—you are super tough. It takes a certain type of person to drink iced coffee when it's freezing cold outside. Not only are you tough, but you are a hard worker who is super determined. You are always willing to listen to your friends and are there when they need you. 

Toasted white chocolate mocha

If the toasted white chocolate mocha is your fave Starbs holiday drink—then you are sweet as can be. You treat every person you meet with kindness and are always willing to lend a helping hand. You probably have a huge sweet tooth (who doesn't?) and consider dessert your favorite meal. 

Chestnut praline latte


If you're early a.m. Starbucks run includes a chestnut praline latte—you are super unique. Even though not discussed often—all the loyal fans know this drink is super delish. Your fun loving personality allows you to stand out from the crowd. Chances are you're also super smart and love curling up with a good book. 

Iced sugar cookie latte

The newest addition to Starbuck's holiday menu is none other than the iced sugar cookie latte. Just like this drink—you are well rounded and good at many things. Your fashion sense is probably *top notch* and you always follow through with all the newest trends. Even though you are fresh and new right now—you are on your way to becoming a classic. 

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Slider image: @chalkfulloflove | All GIFs via Giphy


by Paige Mountain | 12/1/2021