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21 things to do today that don't require your phone

Using your free time to fall into a rabbit hole of funny cat vids on TikTok or adorable pics of your buds on Insta is super relatable, and tbh, using our phones can seem like a great way to unwind. In a world wired by social media and phones, the constant connection of our devices can ultimately lead to more stress than bliss, though. So, if you struggle to find meaningful ways to spend your free time (without using your phone, of course), it's time to change that, because we've got you covered with 21 things to do today that don't require your phone. Time to put that phone on do not disturb, bc you deserve a *true* break, bb!

1. Read

Remember that book from your bedside table? This is your sign to pick it up and read—whether Hogwarts or NYC, it's time to dive into that other blissful world! 

2. Color

Coloring is *so* not just for kids, but it can be an uber satisfying way to destress and chill. 

3. Get outside

When was the last time you got outside just for fun? Frolic around in the grass, go for a walk or a jog, play with sidewalk chalk, jump rope, birdwatch...the fun of nature has no bounds! 

4. Journal 

Writing and journaling is not only a great destresser, but it's tons of fun. Whether you opt for aesthetic bullet journaling or a messily written brain dump, you'll find it super satisfying to get your thoughts out.

5. Write snail mail for your buds

What's even better than texting and emailing? Snail mail! While you put a pause on texting for the day, you might as well make adorable letters to send to your friends. And the best part? Your besties' reactions to this sweet surprise coming in the mail = priceless.

6. Make a collage from old magazines

To do this sustainable craft, grab some old magazines and cut out any images or words that inspire you, then stick them onto a board...and voila! You'll have brand new room decor.

7. Make a family recipe

Whether it's your grandma's famous meatballs or your mom's out-of-this-world cookies, see if you can get in on the secret recipes.

8. Organize your closet 

It's time to give your closet a glow-up! Sort through old clothes and make a pile of old clothes to give to charity. When you find that very specific shirt you had been looking for, you'll be thanking yourself.

9. Take a spa bath 

DIY your own spa by drawing a relaxing bath for yourself. For the ultimate spa experience, opt for essential oils and face masks too.

10. Make a list of your fave things about yourself

Show yourself the love you deserve by noticing your fave things about yourself. Maybe it's your smile, the fact that you totally rock bootleg jeans or that you're a good sister. Hang this list where you'll always see it for an instant smile. 

11. Scrapbook

Don't know what to do with your tons of cute pics? Scrapbook! Using paper, pics, and little sentimental trinkets, DIY some adorable spreads.

12. Do a puzzle

Puzzles are tons of fun. See if a fam member or friend wants to join you too! And that feeling when the last piece clicks = unmatched.

13. Play with you or your friend's pets

Cuddle with your cat or teach your friend's pup some new tricks (with their permission of course)!

14. Go for a bike ride

Ride around your neighborhood or take yourself to somewhere local. Bike riding's not only a blast, but it's a great source of transportation *and* exercise too! 

15. Play a game 

Yup, we mean a *real* game (this doesn't include GamePigeon or Subway Surfers). Time to dust off those board games and have some fun!

16. Paint

Find your inner artist and paint your heart out!

17. Meditate

You don't need a video to meditate, but you can meditate by simply closing your eyes, breathing and letting your thoughts ebb and flow.

18. Have a picnic

Prep some aesthetic and delish snacks and invite a friend to join you in a super scrapbook-worthy picnic. 

19. Paint your nails

Painting your nails is *so* satisfying and relaxing!

20. Practice an instrument

Whether you're a piano pro or are just starting to learn the ukulele, work on practicing an instrument. Totally nailing a song from start to finish is just about the best feeling.

21. Notice what you're grateful for

Taking a break from your phone can help you appreciate the little things. Maybe it's getting to hang out with your sibs, maybe it's the sunlight that creeps into your bedroom or maybe it's the tree you always pass on the way to school but have never noticed before. No matter what it is, take the time to notice everything you have to appreciate in life.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 12/29/2021