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Why your astrological rising sign might feel more relatable than your sun sign



Ever feel more like an introspective Aquarius than an outgoing Leo? It could be possible that you identify with your rising (aka ascendant) sign more than your sun sign.

In astrology, your sun sign (where the sun was when you were born) broadly represents you and touches all facets of your personality. However, your rising sign (the sign ascending on the Eastern horizon at the exact time you were born) is how you present yourself to the world and how your closest friends and family tend to see you. Some astrologers say that your rising sign horoscope can be even more accurate than your sun sign.

To find your ascendant sign, you’ll need your exact birth time. Once you have it, enter it on an app like Co-Star to get your full chart and also find your moon sign—which describes the emotional part of your personality. So the next time your sun sign reading feels way off (think: not-so-great news about your crush), try your rising!

Celebs that are definitely more like their rising sign than their sun

Taylor Swift
Sun in SAGITTARIUS, ascendent in SCORPIO


Taylor's sun in Sagittarius makes total sense, given her career. She’s reinvented herself so many times, as only a restless, fiery Sag could. But she’s had some Scorpio moments in her life, too. Her Reputation era was so much about coping with feelings of betrayal—something Scorps will absolutely sting you back for. And if her latest albums are any indication, she’s an introspective and passionate water sign whose lyrics transcend time. She’s a Scorpio in the best way.

Sun in TAURUS, ascendent in LEO


Tauruses are known for beauty and luxury. If the “Rumors” singer doesn’t embody that sentiment, who does? But Lizzo’s iconic persona and vivacious personality scream—er, sorry, roar—Leo. What is more boldly original than whipping out a flute mid-performance while in a glittery corset and stiletto heels? Leos are also generally known for being one of the most universally beloved signs, which, case in point: Have you ever met someone who *doesn’t* like Lizzo? Yup, total Leo.

Olivia Rodrigo
Sun in PISCES, ascendent in CAPRICORN


OK, yes, Sour is admittedly *such* a Pisces album: Heartbreak, jealousy, flooding emotions. But self-proclaimed “spicy Pisces” Olivia herself? Such a Capricorn. Liv’s superstardom didn’t come out of nowhere. She’s been going after her acting and singing dreams since she was a kid. (Look up her “Don’t Rain on My Parade” cover on YouTube. You’re welcome.) She’s got that Capricorn work ethic and can’t-miss drive. Now that she’s climbed to the top, she’s absolutely the GOAT—the Capricorn goat, that is.

Sun in VIRGO, ascendent in AQUARIUS


Zendaya's had a showbiz career since she was super young, falling in line with the hardworking vibes and endless motivation of her Virgo sun. But beyond her success, Z is known for her desire to help others—a typical Aquarius trait. By advocating for charitable causes that help kids around the world and making sure her values and beliefs are just as much in the spotlight as she is, we can’t help but notice how much Zendaya vibes with her idealistic, can-do-anything rising sign.

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by Lily Johnson | 1/23/2022