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A super specific situation for every Taylor Swift album


It's no secret that with nine studio albums under her belt, Taylor has managed to curate an ultra-specific vibe with each collection of songs she releases. Whether you're a Speak Now girl at heart or love to get deep in your feels with folklore, there's a time and place for every TS album. Hang onto your cardigans, because we're assigning each album an incredibly detailed situation to match the vibe. 


Tay's debut album radiates all the old-school, classic love story vibes we're obsessed with. Picture this: it's a late summer night and you drive to your crush's house to impulsively confess feelings (all while "Our Song" is blasting, ofc). Talk about a total "Mary's Song"  moment.

Fearless (Taylor's Version)

It's a sunny Friday morning and you're only eight periods away from spring break. Fearless (TV) is the perfect album to blast on your way to school with the windows down (in your cutest pastel outfit, ofc). Don't forget to stop at Starbucks for a pink drink on the way—you earned it. 

Speak Now

Speak Now calls for a *completely* necessary dance party with your BFF on a Friday night after getting through a rough week (filled with tests and possibly a breakup...). But jamming out to "The Story of Us" with your bestie (while in your matching comfies, obvi) makes it all okay.

Red (Taylor's Version)

There's no doubt about it—Red (TV) just embodies autumn. Something else that embodies autumn? Baking. No matter the time of year, Red is the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon of baking banana muffins and scones. Talk about "dancing 'round the kitchen in the refrigerator light."


Now, *this* is an album that calls for a slumber party. 1989 has all the songs you and your squad want to hear while you're making friendship bracelets for each other at two in the morning. And when "Style" comes on? You'll just have to pause your deep convo to have an impromptu dance party.


If rep was a person, you know she'd be a total baddie. Snatching up that kind of confidence can only come from listening to reputation while you and the besties get ready for the school dance. Pulling up to school with "Getaway Car" blasting? The vibe is unmatched. 


Lover is for driving to the beach at sunset with your bae (and for a golden hour photo shoot that's practically the definition of goals). With the windows and sunroof down and "The Archer" at full volume, the vibes could not possibly be more immaculate.


folklore is what you're listening to as stop into your fave cafe for chai lattes before hitting the thrift stores all around town. If you're lucky, you might even score a vintage nightgown that looks *just* like the one from the "cardigan" music video. 


evermore is an album that's sincere, heartfelt and sad in the most beautiful way. This collection calls for earbuds, a good book and laying in the grass as you half-read, half-stargaze late at night. Talk about a total main character moment.

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by Eva Mandelbaum and Riley Yates | 6/10/2022