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Nbd, we just rounded up the best TikTok tutorials of all time

Bored at home and your besties are booked? Get on TikTok—and no, we don't mean mindlessly scrolling through your #fyp. In case you haven't noticed, there's a TikTok tutorial for pretty much everything. Whether you're looking to bake a simple, new treat or learn an entirely new language, we found the best TikTok how-to's to help you step out of your comfort zone. Kiss boredom goodbye, and thank us later!

1. Microwavable mug cakes? Yes pls

@dishedit No, it doesn’t taste like egg 🙄#mugcake #3ingredients #chocolate #microwaverecipe #goodfood #easyrecipe #tiktokrecipe #tiktokfood #foodtiktok #food ♬ Coffee Shop - Late Night Luke

Ever craving just a little something sweet? Always? Us, too. If you're *needing* a sweet treat but don't want the hassle of baking a full cake, try this personal-sized mug cake recipe. With just three ingredients you can treat yourself to something new (and ~chef's kiss~ delicious) in minutes! 

2. DIY funky nail art 

@lightslacquer we call this look... happy cow 😋🐄 #nailtutorial #easynails #nailsoftiktok #nailart #lightslacquer #nailinspo ♬ Glitter - BENEE

Calling all beauty lovers! Nothing feels better than a fresh mani, but going to the nail salon isn't always an option. This quick tutorial will teach you how to give yourself trendy nail art designs with ease. You'll never go back to boring manicures again. Hello, cow-print nails! 

3. Find your zen with meditation 

@abbey.castor Meditate With Me #meditation #howtomeditate #entrepreneurlife ♬ baby my phone - Tik Toker

From upholding your personal peace to promoting positive mental health practices from within, meditation is a great practice to incorporate into your life. If you have trouble clearing your mind, check out this quick TikTok tutorial for tips to get the most out of your meditation. 

4. Try out beginner yoga poses 

@flowwithvictoria Gentle yoga for beginners ❤️ #beginneryoga #yogatips #yoga ♬ Coffee Shop - Ben Everman

Keeping with the zen theme, yoga is another incredible way to practice self-love. This short TikTok clip is a great place to start if you're interested in trying out the practice. Gentle yoga will calm your mind and soothe your body. Namaste and best of luck!

5. Curl your hair...without heat! 

@gillianxgrace heatless curls tutorial! 🤍 #heatlesscurls #sockcurls #hair ♬ originalljud - S U P E R M O D E L S

Who doesn't want to wake up with gorgeous, luscious locks every morning? This TikTok will teach you how to create beautiful curls without the use of damaging heat tools. All you need is a sock—yes, a sock— and before you know it, you'll be ready for your close-up. 

6. Give journaling a try 

@colleenboggs I always get questions about journaling so I hope this helps!! #fyp #foryou #journaling #journalingtips ♬ Spring - Aesthetic Sounds

This quick video gives you the most helpful tips to embark on your personal journaling journey. Trust us, it will become your new *fave* part of every day. From picking the perfect style for you, to getting into the habit and finding the best prompts, this TikTok covers it all. Grab your pen, take your time and enjoy yourself! 

7. Learn a new language 

@k8sabz I get tons of Qs on where to start/what to learn when starting 2 learn a new lang so here is a 3 month guide! #languagelearning #polyglot #languages ♬ Skate - Trees and Lucy

Bonjour! Hola! Guten tag! Always wanted to learn a new language? Now is your chance. This TikTok breaks down the best way to understand another language in just three months. Follow these steps, and the world is your oyster. 

Beat boredom and enjoy your alone time with these TikTok tutorials. What are you teaching yourself today? Show us by tagging @girlslifemag for a chance to be featured! 

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by Kyra Surgent | 4/28/2022