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12 summer photo ideas for Instagram (plus cute captions!)

What time is it? Summertime! School's almost out, and it's time to spend the days hanging with your squad and soaking up the sun. When it comes to having the best summer vacay, having the perfect beachy Insta feed is essential. If you're in need of ways to celebrate the warm weather with your bestie crew, keep reading for all the Coconut Girl photo inspo.

Beach babes


Nothing screams summer like a quintessential beach pic. Coordinate swimsuits with your squad (complete with beaded necklaces, ofc), and you're good to go! Whether you snap some pics on the sand or in the ocean, you're sure to look cute 'n' candid.

Caption: falling into those ocean eyes

The group hug


Show your besties some love with a group hug—a classic and timeless pose that looks cute no matter what you're wearing.

Caption: i feel the love <3

Movies in the park


Time to bust out a comfy blanket for a day in the park. Watch movies, read books or bring a pet to play fetch with. Just don't forget to stay hydrated!

Caption: candid ☀️

Picnic day


Warm weather was basically invented for picnics, amiright? Put on your pastel sundress and bring a wicker basket with some ~aesthetic~ treats. The vibes will be everything.

Caption: guess what's in the basket?

Reflection selfie


Mirror pics are all the rage, but this is your chance to Spice. It. Up. Go to a window and snap a selfie. It looks best if you can see the sky, ocean or a city in the background.

Caption: i've been reflecting on the summer

Film pic


Disposable cameras can def get expensive, but the candids are so cute! DW, we've got you covered. Use an app like VSCO or Huji to fake a film filter and make your photos look like they were *actually* developed.

Caption: [your location here] on film

Gone hiking


Hiking is a quick way to fill your camera roll with candids of your friends. Take pics of them walking in front of you, looking down the trail or at the top of your destination.

Caption: 📍appalachian trail [or wherever you're hiking]

Train rides


No license? No problem. Take the train to a nearby city, beach, festival or mall. It's a simple, inexpensive way to get around—and to see some new places.

Caption: all aboard!

Open sunroof


What's more fun than opening all the windows and blasting your fave summer hits with your besties? Snapping pics to remember the perfect moment. Stick your head out othe sunroof and live your movie moment, babe.

Caption: top down

Watching the sunrise


Whether it's senior sunrise or morning yoga, PJs and blankets or cute crop tops and mini skirts, sunrise pics are so fun after a sleepover with your squad (and always have the perfect lighting!). 

Caption: golden hour

Getting fancy


Who said you need a reason to dress up? Put on your fave fit and just take photos with your friends for the fun of it. You could keep up with the popular TikTok trend and get fast food or thrift afterward.

Caption: my cinderella moment

Park painting


You don't need to be an artist to have fun painting, and this photo opp is no exception. Coordinate a summery park fit with your friends and get some art supplies from the craft store. You could paint flowers and trees, one of your besties or even some pets you see.

Caption: meet your muse

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by Haley Kramer | 5/14/2022