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Wipe Out Whining

Hey sitters, love what you do, but can't take the whining, crying and temper tantrums that come from looking after little ones? Well, great news! GL's got to scoop on how to wipe out whining, for good. 

How do I deal with temper tantrums?

Temper tantrums can put you into a sticky sitch. As the sitter, you're supposed to have everything under control, but that's kinda hard when the kids start acting up. Kids who pull tamper tantrums tend to miss their parents a lot or they feel like they are not getting enough attention from you. The best way to handle kids who misbehave this way? Don't yell or scream at them. If you act angry, that will only up the whine session and make them act out even more.

What's the right way to deal with this whine sesh?

Try a diff approach than yelling and screaming. Try something like, "When you yell and scream like that, it makes everyone feel sad and I just want you to be happy," instead of saying, "You're getting on my nerves." Young kids don't realize that their behavior has consequences but if you act calm and ignore the temper tantrums, they should get calm pretty quickly. When their temper cools down, remember to acknowledge good behavior with small rewards or by saying how proud you are of them. When you shower kids who behave well with compliments it makes them feel good and they'll learn manners and good behavior.  

What if they whine all the time?

Kids who whine, complain and overreact are used to getting their way. When you cut back on giving them that extra brownie after dinner, they're prob gonna get mad. Don't let them go to bed 20 minutes later or stay up to watch an ultra scary movie. Make sure you have a list of what they can and can't do and no matter what, stick to it, sistah! Even if they are complaining, it's your job as a great babysitter to look after their best interests.

What's the right way to deal with this whine sesh?

When they whine, try stating in a calm and cool voice that whining isn't the best way to get what they want. Tell them that if they ask you nicely or calm down and behave, THEN you will listen to them. If that still doesn't work, ignore them until they speak to you politely.

Is there a way to make them stop crying?

Sometimes kids cry because they are not used to being away from their 'rents. It can be kinda scary when a kid won't stop crying. It can also get super stressful when the kid says they only want their Mom or Dad. And sometimes it seems like the tears just won't stop!

What's the right way to deal with this whine sesh?

Always have a babysitter kit with you no matter where you babysit. The kit should always have plenty of tissues to dry away wet tears. Give the kid a hug and tell them in a soothing voice that everything will be OK. Ask them (gently!) what's wrong. When you even ask them what's wrong in a calm way, it'll take down the wails a notch. Set them down alone and try to have one on one time with them. When they notice that they have your undivided attention they may confide in you and feel special. Your patience will pay off!
How do I break their silent treatments?

Sometimes you and the child you babysit don't always hit it off. He or she may end up ignoring you and stay pent up in their room. When this happens, jot this down on a piece of paper so you can tell their parents in deets what happened. By taking notes, you show to the parents that you pay extra attention to their kids and that you care enough to let them know. Try talking to the kid in an even tone about their behavior and don't take it personally if you are still ignored.
What's the right way to deal with this whine sesh?

Use "I feel" statements and don't blame them for behaving a certain way. Your encouraging words will win them over eventually. If they are staring at you in "silent treatment" mode set up their favorite movie or game and say in an uplifting voice, how you wish there was someone who is so good at this game to play with you or something along those lines. This will let the kid know, that you think the child is special and will help break the silence.

By practicing these tips in your babysitting gigs, you will develop the confidence and the skills needed to get yourself out of a whiney sitch.
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by Sherryn Daniel | 2/1/2016