How to boost your grades right now

Wanna be a better student this year? Try out our top study tips.

Buy a planner or calendar and use it!
Try buying a planner or a desk calendar and write down all of your upcoming tests, quizzes and papers due so there are no surprises.

Break it up
Homework can be boring—no surprises there—but if you divide your study time into small blocks and give yourself short breaks in between, you’ll find you focus better while you’re working and you appreciate the reward for your hard work even more.

Limit your tube time
Use your fave shows as a treat, not as a tool for procrastination. Pick a couple of shows you really wanna watch and make a deal with yourself: If the homework gets done before they come on, you can chillax on the couch and enjoy your TV time. If not? Well, there’s always re-runs.

Ditch distractions
You’re time is valuable, so maximize it by doing your schoolwork in a quiet place. Have a study set up at home? Use it! Otherwise, hit your local library or another quiet spot where there’s no TV, radio or friends to distract you.

Talk to your teacher
Confused? Don’t wait ‘til the day before the big test to ask your teacher what the heck is going on. To retain the information, you need to get a handle on it ahead of time and actually learn it, not just cram. Bonus? Your teacher will actually have the time to help you succeed…and she’ll think you’re super responsible. Sweet!


by Maddie Brown | 2/1/2016