Wanna go for gold this school year? Here's how

It’s a new school year, and you’ve got some serious goals that are gonna make it the best one yet. The only problem is that motivation isn’t exactly your strong point. Sure, getting straight A’s and being MVP on the soccer team sound easy when you’re daydreaming during the summer, but how are you gonna keep working hard for months on end once school really gets goin’? Check out these four tips to stay focused, even when your goals seem too far away.


Stick It to ‘Em

First, you’ve gotta remind yourself of your goals all the time. So write down either short versions of your goals, some of the steps to reach your goals or encouraging phrases on some sticky notes, and put them all over your room. The best spots are where you’ll see the stickies every morning, so you can start out every day with your goals in mind. Try putting them on your mirror, on your bedside table, in the front of the novel you’re reading or on your alarm clock. Then after a few weeks, write new stickies so that you don’t start thinking of ‘em as part of the scenery and ignoring them.


Share the Load

Let your family and friends help keep you motivated by telling them what your goals are. If your ‘rents know that you’re trying to run 3 miles every day, for instance, they might ask to make sure that you ran today. And if your besties know that you’re shootin’ for straight A’s, maybe they’ll offer to study with you or remind you when projects are due. Just knowing that other people expect something from you can help motivate you to follow through because your goals will seem more like commitments than dreams.


Celebrate Hard Work

Break your goals up into smaller steps that are more manageable. Like instead of just saying, “I’m going to drop a whole minute from my mile time in gym class,” try “I’m going to speed up by 10 seconds every two weeks.” Then once you reach the halfway point and have cut off 30 seconds from your mile time, celebrate that achievement. Get a new CD, go out for pizback to za with your sistahs, or relax in front of your fave movie. Just don’t celebrate by taking time off from training or by doing something that will actually set you back. ‘Cause in the end, you’re still working toward that long-term goal, but a little celebration along the way will help to keep your spirits up.


Bounce Back

So you fell off the wagon yesterday – you had a low quiz-grade, performed badly at your choir concert, or ate way too much chocolate cake. That’s okay, girl! Don’t beat yourself up over one not-so-perf day. Everybody has them. Just remember that your goals are still waitin’ for ya and that there’s no reason you can’t keep goin’ after ‘em. Stay positive, and let that off day encourage you to do even better tomorrow.


So chicas, what are some of your goals for this school year, and how do you plan on reaching ‘em?

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by Carrie Ruppert | 2/1/2016