How to charm your homeroom teacher

You might think that your homeroom teacher isn’t all that important ‘cause after all, you only see him or her for a little bit each week. But you’d be surprised how much a bad relationship there can mess up the rest of your school days – think less bathroom passes, fewer trips to your locker, and maybe even some detentions. Follow these six tips to get the perf homeroom experience.


The Clock Is Ticking

Just ‘cause homeroom isn’t an actual class, doesn’t mean that you can mozy in ten minutes after the bell rings. You’ve still got a teacher there, and you’re still on a schedule. Be on time for homeroom, and it’ll go a long way toward making a good impression on your homeroom teach.


Zip Your Lips

Unless your teacher demands it, ya don’t have to be completely silent in homeroom. But it’s definitely a good idea to keep your voice down ‘cause he’s not gonna be too happy if ya start makin’ a racket. No matter how excited you are about the celeb gossip you’re dishin’, use your inside voice at all times.


Leave No Trace

Remember when you’re in homeroom that you’re more like a guest than a resident. In other words, if the teach has got materials laid out for her next class, be careful not to mess ‘em up while you’re hangin’ out in homeroom. And if you rearrange the desks to work on a project with your buds, make sure that ya put ‘em back the way you found ‘em.


First Victim – I Mean, Volunteer?

When your teacher needs someone to run errands, it’s a good idea to volunteer. You’ll earn brownie points for sure, and you’ll also have an escape from all that boring downtime. Just don’t spend too much time in the halls enjoying your freedom, or you won’t be leaving homeroom before the bell again for a long time.


Keep It Clean

You and your bestie have the same annoying math teacher, and ya just can’t wait to commiserate about it. Well, you’re gonna have to wait a li’l longer ‘cause homeroom is not the place for that kind of gossip. Your teacher doesn’t wanna listen to negativity about other school officials, since it puts him in an awkward position. Just keep your opinions to yourself, and call your girlie as soon as you get home to fill each other in on the latest.


Roll Call

If your teacher asks that everyone stay in his or her assigned seat, make sure you’ve got your tush glued to your chair. It’s really hard for a homeroom teacher to put names with faces, since she doesn’t see you guys as much as her regular classes. Do her a favor and make it a li’l easier for her to get to know you, and she’ll thank you later for sure.


Tell us, gals, what are some of your most challenging homeroom sitches and solutions?

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by Carrie Ruppert | 2/1/2016