Rule your school! 8 steps to self confidence

Your teacher is calling on people at random, that cutie might actually be looking in your direction and you already got the last three problems wrong. Don’t freak!  We’ve got the trick to bust those nerves and kick classroom stress. With these no-fail tips, you’ll look and feel confident in any sitch. So take a deep breath and show your teachers, peers and crush that you’ve got what it takes to stay cool, calm and collected: confidence.


Dress for success

We tend to feel more confident when we know we’re looking our best, so skip the sweatpants and plan an outfit. Jeans, boots, a pretty top and a sweater or blazer ought to do the trick. Top it off with a ponytail or cute braid. You don’t need to go super fancy, but a little extra time and attention to detail will help you look more put together and feel great. 


Finish HW at home

The homeroom rush to get your math done and the race to wrap up English during lunch can leave you feeling frazzled. Use a homework planner to keep track of your assignments and make sure you finish everything ahead of time. Kick back and spend your free periods relaxing with your besties. No more last minute HW = no more pre-class stress.


Praise others

Let other students know how awesome they did in debate, what a good question they asked in math or how much you loved their science project. Praising others for a job well done will make you look secure and show confidence. Everyone will get a good feeling from this simple deed. And what goes around comes around; soon enough, you’ll be getting praise back for your next accomplishment.


Make eye contact

If you feel your eyes wondering, get them under control quick and appear instantly more confident. Practice this little trick during a convo with your friends, helping a peer, doing group work with a hottie or asking the teacher a question. No matter what the sitch, you’ll look confident in yourself and your work.


Smile and keep your head up

No matter what kind of day you’re having, smiling and keeping your head up is a one-second way to confidence. Everyone appreciates a smile and others are sure to notice your good attitude.  Keep smiling and soon enough, you’ll feel as confident as you look.


Go over your work

Check your answers and you’ll feel ready and confident when the teacher starts calling names to do the prob on the board. Go ahead and raise your hand to volunteer. You’ll impress your teacher and score participation points.  Plus, right answers mean better grades. 



An oral presentation giving you the jitters? Try this! Slowly take a deep breath to the count of six or seven and exhale to the count of eight or nine.  While you exhale, relax your shoulders. You can do this breathing exercise in class for an instant relaxer and confidence boost.


Let it go

Get a wrong answer in history, miss a goal in PE or spill water in lab? Be confident enough to not let the mishap bother you. Just let it go. Dwelling on the mini blunder will only hold you back from having a potentially awesome day. We all mess up now and then so shake it off and do better next time.


by Lauren Izquierdo | 2/1/2016