5 ways to get involved in extracurrics--nope, it's not too late!

It might be near the holidays, but that doesn’t mean the boat has sailed on joining clubs and activities that sound awesome. In fact, your sitch isn’t uncommon—when you first start school, new classes, teachers and homework make your 8 to 3 gig crazy enough without adding ceramics club and volunteering to your schedule. Just ‘cause folks aren’t passing around sign-up sheets anymore doesn’t mean you’re outta luck, though. Here’s how to get in on the good stuff.

Ask around

Awkward? Maybe, when it’s an upperclassman or a classmate you don’t know very well. Get up the guts to chat up the kid you know is club prez and see if there’s any way you can attend the next meeting. If it’s something like debate where they’re prepping for a meet, you might not get to be in the spotlight, but there’s always room for extra help.

Go with a friend

Your bud’s a thespian and you’re a little on the shy side? Tag along to her next rehearsal, ask her to introduce you to the stage manager or director, and see if you can’t assist with set painting, props or running the light board.

Talk to a teacher

With teachers taking charge of most—if not all—of the groups on campus, all you need to do is inquire if it’s too late to get involved. A good teach will always invite you to the next meeting. And a bad one? Well, do you really want to spend time with a bad leader? Ugh.

Stop by a booth

So you’re heading to your seat for the big rivalry game when you see the ultimate Frisbee club is selling baked goods to fundraise. Buy a brownie and casually ask if they’re looking for new members, good bakers, a team photog, a cheerleader—anything!

Look outside of school

When it comes to teams, it might just be too late to try out for basketball. But rec sports work on a different calendar. Check out the sched at your local YMCA to see if there are any leagues looking for players. Who knows? A friend you meet there might be on the school team, and could introduce you around.

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016