6 signs your teacher is the best

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, we’re pushing past the smokescreens of movie days and silly substitutes to find out what makes a teacher truly awesome. Do you have a Professor Lupin on your schedule? Tell us what makes him or her fabulous in the comments.

She…doesn’t play favorites

In fact, you’re pretty sure she likes everyone. Yep, even the class clown—who likes her so much, he tones down his antics for 40 minutes a day to get his learning on. This teacher always has a kind word for her students.

He…teaches to everyone

Different people learn in different ways, which can be tricky with a teacher who only lectures, or someone who prefers constant hand-out. Your teach combines visual, aural and kinesthetic techniques to make sure everyone is always learning to the best of their abilities.

She…makes sure you understand

There’s no fast forward in this class. Before this teacher presses on with the next chapter, she takes stock of every student…and knows that even if you don’t raise your hand to ask a question, your silence and worried expression mean she needs to do a recap. And even better? She does it…without singling you out.

He…doesn’t embarrass anyone

So you got the wrong answer or are obviously day dreaming in class. Does this guy call on you out of the blue or tsk tsk his way through the explanation? Nope, and that’s what makes him great. Even if you’re struggling or not paying attention 24/7, he’ll calmly and coolly refocus you and get you learning again.

She…is reasonable

You’ve got three papers, two projects and a lacrosse tournament to tackle this weekend. And this teacher understands that that’s kind of impossible. When you ask—in advance and with a guarantee you’ll turn in your best work—for an extension, she’s flexible about granting it to you.

He…treats you like an adult

This teacher’s not one to put up with fooling around or talking in class. But as long as you act like the mature student you are, you can sit where you want, eat snacks in class and take notes your way—or not. You don’t need to have your hand held, and he gets that. Phew!

Tell us about your best teachers in the comments, cuties!


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016