Throw the best back-to-school bash EVER


It’s that time of the year again—time to switch beach bags for bookbags, six hour naps for six hours in class and our fave YA series for our least favorite textbooks. School is almost here and summer is almost over, but that doesn't *have* to be a bad thing. One way to help with the transition? A BTS bash! Celebrate all of the awesomeness of the past three months and all the amazing things to come with this fun, easy way to start the school year in style.

Who to invite:

Your besties are a no-brainer, but why not branch out a little? Inviting a bunch of people you're friendly with (including crushes and friends-of-friends) will help ease some of the first-day awkwardnes...and have you hitting the halls with a bigger, more solid crew. Hey, Miss Popular!

How to decorate:

Mix pics highlighting your summer adventures with a fun chalkboard-paint poster for everyone to sign. That way, you can celebrate the best of both worlds and meld old memories with new ones.

What to play:

Again, it's all about mixing it up. Fill a playlist with summer songs ("California Girls," "Summer Love") with school-themed tunes (Basically, the School of Rock soundtrack) and hit shuffle.

What to give away:

If you're feeling generous, make little back-to-school survival packs stuffed with pencil, pens, hand sanitizer and whatever else you want. It's a super cute way to wish everyone the best in the new year.

Will you throw a back-to-school bash? How are you helping ease the summer-to-school transition?  


by Kendyl Walker and Kimberly Uslin | 2/1/2016