The secret to staying focused in the summer


It can be hard to keep your focus in the summertime, especially when there are so many fun things to do. Summer is the season of fun and sun, but sometimes you have to buckle down and do work instead. So if you’re trying to finish up some summer homework, here are a few ways to concentrate when you aren’t hitting the pool or eating ice cream. 

Make a to-do list

Listing all of your priorities for the day can make things a lot easier. You can see exactly what you need to accomplish and get it done right away. Check things off or cross them out as you go down the line; that way you can visualize your tasks disappearing before your eyes.

Find a quiet space

It’s always easier to get your work done when you’re in a quiet environment. Minimizing noises can definitely help you stay on track. It doesn’t have to be silent, though—a lot of people work well with some white noise or soft music in the background. It’s whatever works for you.

Get a good night’s sleep

Getting a full eight hours will always help you get your work done quicker. You’ll be able to stay focused and concentrate all day long without worrying about falling asleep while you’re in the middle of a task. 

Take a break

Go out and enjoy that summer sun. Taking a break will always help keep you focused since it gives you a little bit of time to recharge. You don’t want to fry your brain, so give it a rest and let it reboot on your break. 

Get rid of distractions

Put your phone down and turn off that TV—they won’t be helping you accomplish anything. Hide all your distractions if you want to get all your work done in a timely manner. 

How do you stay focused in the summer?

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by Emmrick McCadden | 6/27/2016