How to glam up your school supplies for the end of the year

The end of the school year is getting so close you can probably almost taste it, which means you're likely running low on motivation. But there's one way you can boost your brain game and pull through the end of the year: Glam up your school supplies! There's nothing more motivating than new and pretty supplies, and these DIYs will actually make you want to study and get things done.

1. Motivational pencils. Pencils are the most important supply for school, and what better way to be motivated to get things done than by adding encouraging phrases to them?

2. Geo notes. Notebooks are also a key school supply. There are so many ways to decorate them, too. You can cut out pictures from magazines or use your own photos to paste on them in a collage. *Or* you can get a little more creative and make these super cute geometric notebook covers.

3. Fancy binders. Binders are the ultimate supply for keeping everything together. You can take a piece of scrapbook paper or fabric and cut it to fit your binder and *boom*, you've got yourself a brand new binder!

4. Cute clips. You can never go wrong with glitter, so here is a super cute DIY for just that.

5. Neat notecards. There's not many ways you can glam up your flash cards, but here is an awesome DIY for a flash card holder that you can store all of them in so they are not all over the place. 

6. Fab folders. Here's a retro-inspired DIY for all your loose papers. 

What's your fave way to DIY? Are you excited for the end of the school year? Sound off below!

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by Aarti Sharma | 5/1/2019