10 BTS study hacks to know *before* homework piles up

No matter how excited we are for PSLs, sweater weather and pep rallies, going back to school inevitably means that everyone will have to hit the books at some point. But studying just got *so* much easier with these helpful hacks. 

1. Study smarter, not harder

Reading your entire textbook over and over again will exhaust you. Plus, most of that into probs won't be on the test (and you definitely won't remember all of it, anyway!). Is there a study guide you can use as a starting point? Know what you need to know, and you'll be good to go! 

2. Color code *everything*

Let's say your English teacher likes to jump around between vocab, literature and grammar. Color code your notebook so that the material that belongs together, stays together! You can use different colored pens for each sub-section. That way when you have to study, say, literature, you can look for all the notes that you wrote in green, and when it's time for grammar, keep your eyes peeled for the purple!

3. Work that highlight(er)

Learn *how* to use a highlighter! Don't highlight your entire book, but do highlight the important facts like key ideas, dates, formulas and vocab words. It'll make it easier to locate info when you're cramming later.

4. Write, don't type

As much as we love our laptops, writing down information helps you remember it. So when you take notes in class, pull out a notebook instead of a MacBook. 

5. Take notes!

Taking notes while you read, study or listen to lectures is important to do well in school. A lot of times you can pull out key ideas from your notes, or something may be covered in class that isn't in your book. Try different note-taking approaches like outlining, flashcards and the Cornell method. You can try out a few different things until you find something that sticks.

6. Then organize them

Even though note-taking is great, notes won't do much if you can't find them later on. Whatever system that works for you, use it.

7. Plan ahead

That math test that isn't for a month? You'll forget about it unless you mark it down somewhere. Snag a cute planner or organize your whole world in your phone. No matter the method, just be sure to write down exams and due dates. If you can work ahead, you're less likely to miss out on fun things like football games and parties later.

8. Prioritize

...and don't procrastinate! Using your time-management skills will ensure that you get tasks done in a timely manner. Make sure to put important assignments at the top of your to-do list, too.

9. Get some shut eye

Sleep is *so* important to doing well in school. And even if you love coffee, no amount of espresso will actually take the place of sleeping. Sleeping keeps you happy and healthy, too, so if you study smart, there's no need to stay up til 1 a.m.

10. Be open to changing things up

Finding a new study groove can take time. You might have to try a few things out before you find something that really works for you. Maybe flashcards help you remember your algebra formulas, but are not at all helpful in history. Keep an open mind and you'll be acing those tests in no time.

What is your #1 study hack? What's your fave way to study? Share in the comments!


by Aly Prouty | 9/3/2019