GIFs that only girls who *love* school will relate to

You know the feeling: with fall semester ramping up and school back in full swing, your friends are still lamenting that summer break is over. They're  dreading the start of homework, papers, early mornings and tests. But you, on the other hand, see how much there is to look forward to in the new school year. From Fall Friday nights to the smell of new books, you can’t help it, you love school!

1. You wake up in the morning not dreading school but excited for the day ahead

2. You know that a new school year and a new season means new clothes

3. To you, school supply shopping is just as exciting as a trip to the mall. They have highlighters in how many colors?

4. Getting to strut down the hallways with your squad:

5. Sitting next to your bestie in class is hands down the highlight of your day

6. And you love getting to sneak a peek at your crush during class

7. Whenever you get a good grade, you pretty much feel like this:

8. You have a favorite teacher who gives you awesome life advice (and very little homework)

9. You love learning new things, so this is you when your class starts a learning about a new, interesting topic:

10. Plus, back to school means reading more books—and let's face it, you love to read!

11. When it comes to studying, you always get your squad to focus:

12. But you know that even the most intense of study sessions will eventually turn into this:

13. All week, you look forward to Friday night football games where you can show your school spirit

14. And when the last bell rings, you get to go to practice for your favorite club or sports team

15. Even though school is stressful at times, at the end of the day, you love it and can't wait to go back tomorrow

What do you love about school? Let us know in the comments!

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by Linda Horn | 9/14/2017