8 things your teachers have definitely said

After years of teachers, you’ve probably heard a few phrases over and over...and over. It’s almost as if teachers are trained to say certain things, whether they’re true or not. Read on to see if you’ve heard any of these quotes before!

“You’ll need to know this for your future.”

Is the future wiped of all calculators and the internet?

“The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do.”

Fair enough...but then what’s the bell for?

“There are no dumb questions.”

You’re not so sure about that…

“This is an easy assignment.”

*Takes two hours to complete*

“I don’t know, can you go to the bathroom?”

Please, it’s an emergency!

“We’ve run out of time, so please look over the rest of it at home.”

Translation: You’ll have to learn half the unit on your own.

“Group projects are for you to learn how to work with others.”

Sounds good in theory, but in real life you’re usually stuck with all the work.

“I love all my students.”

Sometimes you might question the things teachers say, but there’s no doubt that they care for you!

What are some other common things you’ve heard teachers say? Comment down below!


by Grace Zhou | 10/15/2017