Study buddy: 5 apps that make test prep a cinch



We get it, studying can be a bore sometimes, and it's so tempting to reach for your phone. The good news is your cell can actually *help* you study, if you know the right apps to use, of course. Read on for five tried-and-true apps that are GL-approved. Thank us for the bump in your grades later!


 iStudiez is the ultimate study buddy. It not only tracks your progress throughout the year, but also sends you notifications reminding you to do your homework. *Super* helpful!


• StudyBlue Flashcards and Quizzes is an app that you need to download now! We all know the flashcards are super helpful, and this app makes sure that you have them with you at all times. 


• Memrise was founded by a top World Memory Championship competitor, which makes sense because Memrise is the leading app for all things memory-related. It creates images to help you remember everything from your Spanish vocab terms to the math equation you learned in class!


• GoConqr is the ideal study app for a social butterfly. On this app, you can connect with classmates and friends *plus* get your study on!

• Evernote is a classic. It’s a place where you can store your notes, images and memos. Basically, it’s like a planner, binder, and locker in one. 


What's your fave study hack? Let us know in the comments!



by Jewels Faulkner Tauzin | 9/17/2019