How are students dealing with canceled school dances?

School dances are arguably one of the best parts of the high school experience, and formals like homecoming and prom are considered to be a rite of passage. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, schools nationwide are canceling all formal events...causing students to either wait until next year to attend or to create their own dance instead. 

"[My] school hasn't organized any alternatives, however for homecoming this year, most friend groups had their own little 'fauxcoming' outside or organized their own small homecoming on Zoom," says high school junior Abigail A.

Students took matters into their own hands by hosting their own prom parties and posting a bunch of photos and videos of their backyard/basement dance. 

A few of these student-run formals were criticized for breaking social distance regulations and were considered "tone-deaf" as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the U.S. 

Certain schools are trying to lift their students' spirits by finding a way to have a dance that fits all the COVID-19 safety regulations. 

"Our school feels really sad that we're missing out on so much, so they sent out a survey to the student body asking for our ideas COVID-safe ways to hold events," says junior Elise J.. "But for now we have no type of virtual or social-distanced dance on the calendar," she adds.

With COVID-19 cases surging across America, the only thing close to attending a school dance would be binge-watching iconic prom movies like She's All That and Pretty in Pink

"Growing up [as] a huge YA reader and coming-of-age fanatic, I had this romanticized view of high school-lots of drama, homework and of course dances. School formals were kind of a portal into the exciting life I obsessed over in teen movies," says high school sophomore Sophia Z.

With prom season coming up, students are hoping COVID-19 cases will decrease enough to have an event after a year of no social activities. 

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Slider Image: Hannah Meloche/Instagram. Top Image: Juan Vargas from Pexels


by Chaela Williams | 2/9/2021