These aesthetic school supplies will make going back to school *so* much fun

As back-to-school is inevitably approaching, it's super easy to start dreading the school year (because let's be real: who would rather be studying geometry than spending time chilling at the beach?) The fix to your pre-bts dread? Aesthetic school supplies! Whether you're stressed over a history exam or getting through *piles* of math, cute school supplies can make school more bearable and maybe even fun. Read on for 10 absolutely adorable supplies that will get you excited for school (because if you'll have to learn anyway, why not make it fun?)

Aesthetic highlighters that'll be the highlight of your year


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We seriously suggest investing in some pretty highlighters...they'll make studying and reviewing a blast and will help you remember things (color coding really does work!) Use some pastel highlighters, because what's more aesthetic than that?

Plan your heart out with an *adorable* planner

Between school, sports, clubs and time hangin' with your crew, juggling everything can seem impossible during the school year. A quick fix to all your time management probs? A totally practical *and* cute planner.

Washi tape = too good to be true

If you're like us, you may agree that happiness comes in rolls of super cute washi tape. Make your notes much more exciting (because who wants their notes to be a snooze fest?!) or decorate your notebooks with patterned tape to make them *much* more fun.

Colorful flashcards will be your new best friend


Whether you're cramming for your next big test or are reviewing what you learned in class (hey, pop quizzes happen), colorful flashcards can be your savior. They'll add a much-needed pop of color to all of your study seshes.

You can *never* be too old for fidget toys 

Yup, you read that right! No matter your age, fidget toys will *never* go out of style. If we learned anything from virtual learning last year, it's that it can be super easy to get distracted when you have to sit in one place for a while to do work.  With a super fun and cute fidget toy, you can stay focused and maybe even be motivated to get your work done.

Gel pens to brighten up your day 

Take your notes to the next level by investing in some gel pens. You can find them in the prettiest colors and adding some spice to your notes is always a good idea. Say goodbye to black and blue pens–and hello to colorful gel pens.

Cute erasers to make mistakes a little more fun

No one enjoys messing up, but with some super cute erasers—you just might. Not only are these guys practical, but they're super fun and are sure to put you in a more positive headspace to take on the school day.

Stay organized yet stylish with an adorable pencil pouch 


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A pencil pouch is essential for holding all your new supplies. Printed pencil cases are a great way to show off your style and have some fun with what could sometimes be a not-so-exciting item. Having a fun pencil pouch is sure to make you stand out while also staying organized.

Aesthetic bookmarks so you never lose your page

Bookmarks are *always* a good idea. They're useful for textbooks, English readings and even just your own personal books. Using some aesthetically pleasing bookmarks are sure to actually make your mandatory reading seshes slightly enjoyable (trust us: it's possible.)

A gorgeous mouse and mouse pad for the virtual schooler

Going back to school virtually this year? Then you *need* to consider buying an adorable mouse and mouse pad. A mouse makes doing schoolwork so much easier and more efficient––not to mention your desk will be looking absolutely fire with a matching mouse pad to go along with it. 

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by Eva Mandelbaum and Paige Mountain | 8/12/2021