Your ultimate guide to discovering your study style this school year (Plus, win cute tech tools!)

What's your back-to-school study aesthetic?

Maybe you're effortlessly organized, with a thoughtful, put-together vibe that inspires your classmates each day. Or maybe you'd rather cram on the go, finessing an academic main character moment wherever you are—from the library to the lacrosse bleachers to the local tea shop. 

Whether you study solo or with the squad, in your room or on the road, with by-the-book notes or broad insights, it's *so* important to create a homework environment that speaks to you.

That's why it's time for a dedicated desk refresh—which wouldn't be complete without a brand-new wireless LINE FRIENDS keyboard and mouse from Logitech, of course (Sold? snag the adorbs accessories right here!). The v. exclusive collab is only here for a limited time—and it's so sweet (and studious) that you *need* to get yours, stat.

These trendy tech tools jazz up any aesthetic and keep your successful study sched on track, even when the day-to-day gets stressful. 

What are you waiting for? Read on to find ~your~ so-you school style—and reveal how you can give your study spot the glow-up it *so* deserves this season. 

1. The On-Trend Organizer 

The aesthetic: When you're not thrifting the cutest VSCO 'fits or going viral on TikTok, you're applying that same dynamic demeanor to your work—in the trendiest way, obvi.
Make it your own: Get a laid-back, yet luxe look that's *so* you with the cutest CONY Bluetooth mouse and keyboard from LINE FRIENDS and Logitech
Extra credit: We got the savviest study advice from Keilahni D., 15: "Start with your hardest subject first, when you're the most energetic," she explains. "Then, later on, take your Bluetooth keyboard to your bed for your easiest work." 

2. The Daring Daydreamer 

The aesthetic: We heart a visionary queen—and did you know that allowing your mind to wander can instantly pique new insights when you're feeling stuck? 
Make it your own: Indulge your day-to-day ~wanderlust~ with the cheerful CONY Bluetooth mouse and keyboard from LINE FRIENDS and Logitech
Extra credit: Skyla D., 14, is *all* about curating a creative corner: "My CONY keyboard's pretty pastels echo the floral accents in my study space. Feeling like I'm in nature helps me get inspired to tackle anything from sports medicine lectures to English essays." 

3. The Multitasking Maven

The aesthetic: Always the girl with the packed planner? Then you can definitely relate to this on-the-go organizational vibe. 
Make it your own: Make rushing between extracurriculars an aesthetic with the bold BROWN Bluetooth mouse and keyboard from LINE FRIENDS and Logitech.
Extra credit: Take it from a true multitasker, Liv S., 16: "Having a cute and convenient keyboard and mouse makes hybrid school *so* much easier. I can get my work done, whether I'm traveling for competitions, waiting for rehearsal at the dance studio or kicking back in bed." 

4. The Serious Scholar

The aesthetic: You don't mess around when it comes to school (or anything, rly). Whether you're drafting an outline long before the due date or helping a friend with her lab notes, *everyone* knows you're the go-to academic of the squad. 
Make it your own: The sleek BROWN Bluetooth mouse and keyboard from LINE FRIENDS and Logitech won't have you with any tangled wires—so you can set the minimalist mood of your dreams. 
Extra credit: Kacey F., 16, loves the super long battery life on her LINE FRIENDS and Logitech mouse and keyboard: "I love how they automatically go to sleep when I'm taking a much-needed HW break—the battery life is so reliable and there are no chargers to deal with!"

5. The Go-Go Goal Getter

The aesthetic: Hair? Pulled back. Delish autumn-spiced drink? In hand. Study vibe? Ready to get to work, no matter your locale. 
Make it your own: Take your chaotic cramming ~anywhere~ with the BROWN Bluetooth mouse and keyboard from LINE FRIENDS and Logitech—with a whisper-quiet keyboard and a mouse ninety percent quieter than the average, you won't disturb anyone around you.
Extra credit: Tablets are *super* easy to transport, and that's why Chloe N., 18, so hearts hers: "It pairs perfectly with my LINE FRIENDS and Logitech keyboard and mouse, and everything fits effortlessly in my tote bag!" 

6. The #Studygram Superstar

The aesthetic: A booksmart babe, you prefer to let your ~amazing~ artsy creations take center stage. 
Make it your own: Add the ultimate final touch to your hand-selected study setup with the stunning CONY Bluetooth mouse and keyboard from LINE FRIENDS and Logitech. We're living for those pastels. 
Extra credit: Clara L., 18, is a journal superstar (her spectacular study shots prove it!). How she stays organized? "I can easily bounce from my phone to my laptop to my tablet with my CONY keyboard," she says. "It's giving me the aesthetic desk vibe I've always wanted." 

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by GL | 9/8/2021