Yes, your school supplies *do* need a mid-year refresh

Who said you can only stock up on school supplies in August? Not us. There's just something about pretty gel pens and freshly sharpened pencils that gives a girl *major* motivation (which, hello, we all need rn). 

Here, our girl squad dishes on which adorable OOLY items they're decorating their desks with rn (shop them here!) plus give some amaze advice on how to stay organized—and super confident—all year long.

Ava @avaireland729

Go-to supplies: "These fab bookmarks are the cutest way to keep my place in every book on my TBR list."
School secret: "My best study hack is to review your work before you get tired. It's so much easier to focus when you're awake and alert."
Authentic advice: "Set aside a specific time on Sunday to get all your school books and supplies organized. You'll feel so much more ready to tackle the week ahead."

Giada @giadaleighofficial

Go-to supplies: "The erasable highlighters make my notes come to life. It's a fun way to add some flair to studying." 
School secret: "It's super important to have a clean and organized study space. I love lighting a candle to help keep me focused."
Authentic advice: "Have an open mind and don't set unrealistic expectations for yourself. As long as you're trying your best, that's all that matters."

Jasmyn @jasmyn_renee_coleman

Go-to supplies: "I heart the temporary tattoos—they add a playful pop to all my looks."
School secret: "Form an after-school study group with your BFFs. It makes learning biology so much more effective...and fun!"
Authentic advice: "I know it's hard, but try not to compare yourself too much to others. You're amazing just the way you are."

Kayden @kaydengraceswan

Go-to supplies: "The mechanical pencils come in the cutest pastel shades and are *so* satisfying to use."
School secret: "Write down all your assignment due dates in your planner. That way, you'll stay on track."
Authentic advice: "Try to break out of your comfort zone by saying hi to someone new. They might end up being your next best friend."

Kelsey @kelseyschott_

Go-to supplies: "These yummy glitter gel pens smell ahh-mazing! The blueberry and strawberry are my favorite."
School secret: "If you want to stay organized, try an accordion folder for your papers and assignments. It's a lifesaver!"
Authentic advice: "No matter what grade you're in, make the most of every moment."

Lorelei @loreleicheers

Go-to supplies: "The pocket notebooks are a cute place for me to jot down my biggest ideas and stay super organized."
School secret: "My fave subject is math. I even know 100 digits of pi!"
Authentic advice: "Never be afraid to try something new in school or reach out to a new friend."

Reese @thereesewarren

Go-to supplies: "I'm always highlighting my acting scripts, and the erasable highlighters make it so easy to fix a mistake."
School secret: "Ask for help if you need it—from your mom, brother, teacher or even your BFF."
Authentic advice: "Don't let anyone else decide your journey for you."

Pierson @pierson.aldridge

Go-to supplies: "I'm totally obsessed with the erasable markers. They make art class a breeze."
School secret: "I love writing my notes in fun colors and styles. Studying is so much more fun when your outlines look pretty."
Authentic advice: "Joining a club or extracurricular is an amazing way to find friends with similar interests."

Skyla @skyladisney_

Go-to supplies: "The fine line gel pens are perfect for color-coding my notes—I have a different color for every subject."
School secret: "I *love* history class. This year, my goal is to learn as much as I can...while still having fun."
Authentic advice: "Stay focused and stay positive. You never know what this year might have in store for you."

Tyler @modeling.tyler

Go-to supplies: "The adorable animal sticky tabs! They help me keep my place in all my books and notes."
School secret: "I'm kind of obsessed with making flash cards. By the time I'm done making them and reviewing them, I feel like I really know the material."
Authentic advice: "Always ask for clarification if you need it in class. *All* questions are good questions."

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by GL | 11/2/2021