4 unique gift ideas that you can DIY for your teachers

Teachers do *so* much for us—as the people responsible for our education, teachers work incredibly hard every day to develop lesson plans, grade assignments and care for their students. With the holiday season coming up, you might be considering giving your teachers gifts to show your gratitude. Though you can't go wrong with a classic Starbucks gift card, if you're looking for some special teacher gift ideas that you can DIY, then keep reading! Your teachers will totally appreciate you sharing the holiday spirit.

1. The *ultimate* hot chocolate basket


It's the holiday season—who doesn't like hot chocolate? Although your teacher will be sure to love a simple hot drink as a gift, there's something so special and fun about setting up a festive basket containing *everything* necessary for hot chocolate. Stock up a basket with hot chocolate mix, marshmellows, chocolate chips, candy canes and anything else necessary for a delicious cup of hot choco. And don't forget to spice the basket up with cute holiday decorations!

2. Handmade embroidery decor


Whether you're a beginner or a total master at embroidery, taking the time to embroider something decorative for your teacher is a super fun and creative activity! You have a *lot* of creative freedom with this. You can embroider nature, patterns, words and so much more, and you can go as simple or as detailed as you'd like. You can also personalize your embroidery to your teacher—how cute would it be to give your environmental science teacher a hoop embroidered with various plants?

If you're a newbie, here's a beginner's guide to embroidery! There are *tons* of resources online, ranging from stitch tutorials to free embroidery patterns.

3. A personalized multi-use mug


You can't go wrong with gifting a mug to a teacher—they can be used to carry coffee or even their pens and pencils! Make a mug *extra* special for your teacher by personalizing it with paint or ceramic-friendly pens. Again, be creative with this! It doesn't have to be perfect—your teacher will appreciate the time and effort that went into decorating the mug. *Your* doodles and drawings will make it unique.

4. Baked goods fresh from your kitchen


If you're an avid baker, you're probably familiar with gifting a surplus of baked goods to your friends and family. Why not share the love with your teachers? Your teacher will be sure to *love* a warm basket of your baked goods that they can eat with their own loved ones over the holidays. It's a good idea to ask your teacher first if they have any dietary restrictions or preferences—how sad would it be if you gifted them a basket of peanut butter chocolate brownies, only to find out that they're allergic to nuts?

If you're going for a classic chocolate chip cookie, check out this foolproof recipe from Handle the Heat!

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by Jinny Kim | 12/6/2021