Here's why you don't need a date for the school dance

Beyond excited for your upcoming spring formal, homecoming or prom? We get you. School dances are supposed to be the *perfect* night. The perfect dress. The perfect venue. The perfect music. And...the perfect date?

Believe me, I know the pressure to find a date for school dances. Seeing endless extravagant promposals and being on the receiving end of questions like "Who are you going to hoco with?" doesn't feel great. The seemingly ~picture perfect~ image of dances often portrayed in movies and TV usually includes a tall, attractive date at the side of the protagonist—or if the protagonist doesn't have one, she's shown to be alone at the dance. But here's the reality: You don't need a date to have fun at a school dance.

Contrary to what teen movies may show you, you won't be alone if you don't come with a date. Going to that homecoming or spring formal with all your friends (yes, even the ones with an S.O.) can 100% be as fun—if not more fun—as going with a special someone.

Without a date, you have the freedom to go all out on your gorgeous fit without having to worry about coordinating with the other person. Formal dances are such a fun and special opportunity to dress up in a way that makes Y-O-U confident. So go for that hot pink dress or the flashy jewelry you've been eyeing. Focus all the attention on yourself while getting ready—you deserve it.

But I get it; a big part of school dances is taking pictures of everyone beforehand. If you find yourself surrounded by couples while you're going solo, don't sweat it. You can take so many adorable solo pics that'll knock everyone out of the park. And don't forget about taking a million photos with your besties for the memories! Don't let one small thing taint your experience and pics that capture your memories.

And overall, you can fully enjoy yourself at the dance without someone attached to your hip. Whip out those amaze dance moves without fear that someone might judge you. Have unfiltered fun with your friends without feeling pressured to spend all of your time with one person. Just enjoy the night—you only get one high school experience, after all.

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by Jinny Kim | 4/16/2022