Study 911!

Are you sitting in class daydreaming away about that boy you’re crushin’ on this week or what you're gonna wear to the school dance? Concentrating can be sooo hard. I mean, how can our teachers expect us to study and learn when we have boys, friends, and family drama 24/7!?

Lucky for you, GL has the scoop on some helpful and successful study tips to keep your mind focused and your concentration as high as ever! Your mom will be wowed by your next report card.


Flashcards are a tried 'n' true way to study for any test. They're cheap, easy, don't require a lot of extra time, and you can make 'em up quickly and easily all by yourself. These cards can be extremely helpful for any type of vocab quiz or an exam where you need to know definitions.
How to make 'em up? Just buy a pack of index cards. On one side of the card write the word, and on the other side write the definition. Don't flip a card over 'til you've taken a guess (be honest!). You can quiz yourself all night long!

Mind maps

In high school, one of my teachers turned me onto the idea of “mind maps," and I never looked back (Psst! CLICK HERE to see how they work!). They can be used for note taking, brainstorming, problem solving, studying and memorization, research, planning for a paper...and even more! A mind map is a helpful, visual way to represent ideas and concepts by laying 'em out graphically.

In a mind map, as opposed to traditional notes or linear text, information is structured in a way that looks a lot more like how your brain actually works. They're both analytical and artistic. To draw one, start in the middle of the page with the idea that you intend to develop. Next, write up the related subtopics around the main topic, connecting each sub to the center topic with a line. Finally, generate lower-level subtopics as you see fit, and connect those to the corresponding subtopics. Mind maps are a way to have fun while retaining info. You can use colors, drawings, and symbols to help your brain MEMORIZE!

Taking notes

A key study skill that'll have you acing those exams is learning how to take great notes. Taking great notes is extremely important 'cause some profs take the info they teach in class, and put very similar stuff on their tests. Also, excellent notes make it much easier when it's time to cram for the big exam!

A study tip that's sure to help ya succeed? Organize all the notes that you took in class, and type them up a week before the test to create a study guide. You'll have an organized packet of all the info and an easy-to-use study sheet. Also, typing it up helps your brain retain the information much easier!

Study groups

When it comes to cramming for quizzes or tests, nothing beats a study group. Ever heard the saying "two minds are better than one?" Your brain is powerful, but it gets stronger and stronger when you add more peeps! Study groups are stellar because you and your classmates can work together as a team to ensure that you all get A’s.

Stumped on a problem? Someone in your study group might have the answer. Added bonus about study buddies? It's the perf excuse to invite that cute guy in your class over!


by Jackie Evens | 2/1/2016